Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What do Crochet Maniacs do? Any excuse to crochet! So there , finally , after trying hard to resist for so many days I joined the Crochet Olympics! That too , three days after the event started.
The rule is you have to pick up a project that is challenging for you and to be completed in 16 days time ( Feb 10th - Feb 26th).
The project I am working on is a Baby Set ( Sweater, Booties and cap ). The challenges for me are :
1). Its week full of guests, dinners , outings and shopping. Even I dont know when I'll be crocheting!!!
2). It's going to be my own pattern , well not totally but inspired by a baby sweater I had seen sometime back and fell in love with. I do not know who the designer is or which book its from . I just remember the picture very clearly.It had a rose bud border and then some lacy kind of pattern for the rest of it. I'm going to recreate that sweater, I hope.And then ofcourse I have the task of designing the cap and booties to go with the pattern.
3). I'm not going to buy any new materials for this .( I hate myself for this !) I'm going to just use whatever I have and improvise it and blend the yarns together. Its going to be a statsh buster for me. None of the fancy yarns ...just some locally available ones waiting for years to be crocheted.
Well, it has to be a challenge right ? I've been putting it off for so long now.This is the perfect opportunity to plunge in and create....or should I say recreate?

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Raquel said...

ah there see you are hooked now!!!!Welcome aboard and Good Luck