Monday, February 18, 2013

2013 and crochet baby hat

2013 Already ..... I was out of town vacationing when the year changed and I was hoping to come back with a great big , picture heavy post of my holidays etc....Well, that didn't happen. The silly usb with all the pics is still avoiding me . Waited all this more. Time to move on. A lot happened , mostly good , and we had a great time all in all. Couple of weddings , social events, medical issues and a short trip to Ooty, my birthday , the new year etc.... Anyways ,it's good to be back home and settled into to the usual routine. I have a few projects I'm working on currently, almost done. Some are done but haven't yet reached my friends so cannot post pictures yet. So I leave you with a picture...... This is a picture of a baby hat I had finished just before I left. It has removable flowers to match with different outfits. Now I'm toying with the idea fo designing a little outfit to go with it and booties too.