Sunday, May 14, 2006


Yes , finally , I'm off to India. A little break and time to spend with my family.I dont think I'll be able to acess internet while I'm gone. So,until I'm back........take care. Be good. Tata!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

A pleasant surprise today ! New kid on the blog!
I came across a new blog today by, Vims, a friend I know from Crochet India. It's called THREADS FROM INDIA. Vims is a very talented crocheter and a sweet person too. It was a very nice surprise. Good to see another new Indian blogger. I wish you all the best with blogging, Vims. And look forward to see what you are upto and get updates on you.
It's May - Its Green !!!
May has already begun and this is my first entry for the month ...blush ! I'm just not being regular about my bloging. Its not because I've been lazy ( which is often the case) but because I've been madly busy! With hubby dearest at work most time , I have to organise and plan out our trip to India ( which I'm very excited about ) and do most of the sorting , packing and gift buying etc.
But on the crochet front things have been moving fast as well. I'm working on a doily for a doily Swap at Crochet India. It's coming along quite nice about 3/4 done.....just to get the flowers worked.And another UFO is under process too. I'm so glad I've managed to keep my New Year's resolution of completing one UFO for every new project I work. That way I have my WIPs reducing steadily.

I have to find the greens out of my stash now! It's a tough call as I'm not much on the colour...I hardly have any of it. Maybe this would be a great opportunity to get more threads. I have some lovely yarn in soft pastel green ( love it ). Lets see what that one gets done into!! But thread in green ....I have to see.