Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My New Design- Halter top

Another attempt at designing. Actually, it won't be right to call it my own design as I've used
Thata's Square pattern - of Dinamic Crochet , for designing this top. It was for Block contest at Jd's Craft blog. The contest was fun and all the entries were so pretty. Although I didn't win a prize , it was fun to create.
I've been working on some contests presently and haven't had the time to be online much. Not just crocheting but having guests and entertaining and having a great time in general. I have a few more FOs to show off...stay tuned. Another contest entry almost done.....will post it in a couple of days.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Has it already been a week since I posted? How does time fly?? Especially when you are having fun! The heat ofcourse is the non - fun part but otherwise it has been a productive time with a lot of projects getting done , mainly because they are all small projects:) . There has also been some creativity put into play after quite sometime. I've signed up for design contests in two different groups and one crochet blog. The first one is at Jd's blog . I've just submitted my entry . It's a fun contest. It was fun creating a pattern out of a given square. I had made two projects for this one . I'll be posting both of these once the contest result is out tomorrow.

With the deadline so close at my heels I'm still deciding what to make for the next two contests. It's going to be group vote thing. So that'll be fun too. Have I told you before ( several times ) that I love contests?

And now for the promised pictures:

This doily is from the CDS series. It's called Doily coaster. It's worked in size 10 Omaga thread. The colour is more mauve than grey as it seems in the picture.

I'm also still knitting along. My next finished project is a baby cap done with the ribbing stitch. I like the way it turned out. Since I cannot get worsted weight yarn out here , and the pattern calls for it, I worked with three strands of fine yarn held together. First time that I've knitted something with multiple strand held together. I'm still learning the different pattern stitches by making little squares.

And what little cap is complete without a pair of little booties? So I whipped up these Slip on style booties. I didn't follow any patterns just made it up as I went along. But this time I even wrote down the pattern as I working so maybe I'll have to get someone to test this pattern for me.

I've made two of these sets . One set is for the charity project - Knitting for the Homeless. I'm also planning on making a matching baby afghan to go with it. Thats one thing good aboput making these tiny baby stuff. You can two of the same , in such a short time and give one to charity.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

It's like a heat wave out here. The Temperature is at 48 - 50 C usually ! And that makes it a perfect weather to stay at home and crochet :). So I'm not complaining. But my poor plants are having tough time . I'm giving then extra tender loving care but I do hope they can live through this rough summer.
As for the crochet front, I'm working on several things. Just finished designing a little something ( can't tell you what it is yet ) for a contest. Not really designing but creating something out of a given motif. I enjoy these little challenges.
Another similar challenge has come up too in another group too. So looks like the next few days will be spent tapping at my little bit of creativity. I have certain amazing ideas but I wonder if I have the ability to translate it into a project or will it just remain a frustrating frogging exercise. It's one thing to think up designs but to actually make it work is totally different thing !! So hats off to all the designers out there who save us the pain of creation and give us the joy of following patterns .
I've been learning different stitches in knitting. I have a little FO to show too. Hopefully I'll get around to posting the pictures tomorrow.
In the meanwhile , I'm open to all ideas for designing . So please if you think you could share your thoughts with me , I'd be happy to hear from you.