Friday, August 31, 2007

Inspiration for learning to Crochet
Today I made a new friend. And it lokks like the begining of a nice friendship. In the manner of getting to know each other she asked me a few questions. One of the questions really going down the memory lane. She asked me :

What was your inspiration for learning to crochet?
I had not thought about this for such a long time . But it's always there dep down in my heart. I still remember that wonderful lady who indulged a little girl. So this is what I told my friend.
Thats a long story. Are you in amood for a story ?? :smt017 Anyways , since this is a 'getting to know you ' thing , I'll say get yourself a nice warm drink and be prepared to be bored/ amused!!!
I once ( when I was 8 yrs old) found some crocheted roses and tiny motifs outside somebody's window sill when I was playing with my friends in the neighbourhood. I fell in love with those. I asked the lady staying there whether those were hers and she said yes , she had lost them. I told her how I loved it and she said she'd have loved to teach me but she was leaving for good in the next three days.
But the sweet lady asked me to come over each day and learn a little from her. I learnt the chain, sl st and dc. My first project was a scruchy. And then she gave me her hook and ball of thread before she left . I was so sad but she told me if I tried hard enough I would learn it on my own and do great. She said she knew I'd crochet beautifully one day.
And that's where I started. I had some of her motifs, and roses. I used to look at them for hours trying to figure out a way to make them. Until finally I could make similar ones. For years I didn't know what the stitches were called.
I had an amazing crochet vocabulary. A sl st was join st, sc was a step up stitch, a dc was a crochet stitch , tr was a long crochet stitch, dtr was even longer crochet stitch , and if I had to yo more than 3, like 5 times it was crochet stitch 5 times long [smilie=to funny.gif] !!!
Nobody, I knew crocheted, there were no books and yarns and hooks out here ( it's still difficult to find supplies here) . So my learning process was slow but I could not let down the nice lady who taught me the basic of crochet so I was very persistent . Finally , I found a Chinese doily book with charts and then actually learn't a lot from that one book.
I came across internet much much later. About 5-6 years back.That is when I learn't the actual names of stitches. And I learn't so much more . It has been a great resource for me and there is so much inspiration all around. But I'll still say the ultimate inspiration was those Roses and motifs I had seen for the first time. They were so beautiful and impressive enough to get an 8 year old hooked for life!
I never met the lady agin but I hope someday I do. I want to thank her for the greatest gift I've ever got! She brough Crochet into my life and changed me forever .

Saturday, August 25, 2007

It's Jimbo Birthday today. He's the nice guy who makes all those gorgeous wooden crochet hooks thats the dream stuff. For me anyway, because I have not been lucky enough to have one yet. Do pay him vist and wish him and enjoy hours of drooling over his wonderful craftmanship.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Another Nordstorm Hobo Bag !

I know , I know, I'm not one to repeat patterns but this one has me addicted!! It's such an easy and simple pattern and so quick to make too and hardly demands much attention ! Now that is what you call a classic pattern! And besides, it works up fast enough for emergency gifts.This one I made up on the drive to Dubai to meet my aunt who was leaving and wanted me to crochet something for her. Ofcourse , she didn't mind doing the lining herself...what more can I ask for? And here you go ....the Bag ! She loved it :)

I'm working on a couple of more bags and will put up pictures when done . They are both my own designs. It's not done yet but getting there. Looks like the Bag mode has set in because after these I'm thinking of yet another bag !!! If only I could get some yarn to felt - which is ofcourse so totally impossible to find here. I'm just dying to make a felted bag. So many ideas so little yarn!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New doily tested for Kathy

This doily is called Affinity and I'm grateful to Kathy for letting me test this doily for her. It's a beautiful pattern like all her other patterns. It's done in Size 20 Red heart thread in Ecru. The doily worked up faster than I thought it would and it was fun too. A little twist here and there so that the pattern doesn't get monotonous.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wishing all my friends a A very Happy Independence Day ! Today is the greatest celebration in India.....SWATANTRATA DIVAS !

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Is everyone having problems with photobucket or is it just me? I have no clue why the pictures are not uploading to blogger or when they are why are they so huge ? The previous post showed my entry for the contest I was talikng about. And here is the original entry for the same contest , but I decided to change it. I called this doily Waffles Doily. It reminded me of waffles and I love those ...yummy !It's done using the same square. I was quite happy with it until the idea for the halter top took proirity.
It's been a while since I blogged thats becoming! I should apologise for my absence, but honestly I just don't know where the time flies. Anyways , I do promise to be more frequent.
Meanwhile , life is going good. My BIL is here for a short vacation and we are having fun together. I had really missed the crazy stuff we used to do ! Well, these days I'm trying new recipes and all his favourite dishes. So it's like a food festival out here. Ofcourse, he is also the one to bear up with the not so tasty dishes I've tried! But the sweetheart that he is , is just happy that I'm making things for him.