Saturday, September 13, 2008

Showing off !

The last few crocheted items. I'm happy to see that I managed to finish off all the items from the list I had posted in this post last month.
1. A lacy scarf- (done)
2. beaded coasters- (done)
3. pillow cover- (done)
4. Oval Pineapple doily CAL ( done)
5. My monthly WIP doily (done)
6. Special project (can't disclose yet)- but this is a long one!- done
7. Baby sandals for my little niece-( done)
8. Sleeves edging for SIL - (done)
9. Baby afghan for gift (done)
I've shown the pictures of most of the projects . So here the remaining projects.

Baby sandals for my neice:

Once the sandals were done I couldn't resist making a little scarf - a head kerchief actually.

and of course wouldn't the little one need a cute halter to go with it???

.......and so a halter top - and before I knew it there was the whole set done!

And yes...I'm so mad at myself for not having my camera around with me when she wore it and looked like such a doll.Anyhoo, I'll get her picture in it and show it here.

Another FO is this Baby afghan for my Cousin's little boy.It's based on the spider web pattern and inspired by a pattern from the Leisure Arts booklet on baby afghan.I saw someone at Crochetville had done this afghan and decided to use the same stitch pattern.

And this one finally , is the a lacy scarf for my friend's teenaged daugther. She picked up the colours by herself and the pattern is based on sooo many fan- type bookmarks and scarves I've seen online. I hope she likes it.

Although I'm posting this now,I'm so happy that my whole list is done and I managed to finish it off before September except for the special project- which went alom=ng until half of September. I'll post those pictures at a later post. This post wouldn't get published for the last two weeks....:( ! I have more FOs to show by now. I guess soon enough I'll do that .It's been a busy month of Ramadan and now there will be some free time only after Eid.
I hope to pop in before that but until then take care and have a great day all my friends.
International Crochet Day

Wishing all crocheters on INTERNATIONAL CROCHET DAY. It was yesterday on 12th September and I'm sorry about being a day late in my wishes.Since yesterday was friday and it being the holy month of ramadan -it was impossible to find time to blog.
In honour of this day I contributed atiny share to spreading the love and art of Crochet.
1. My first batch of crocheted charity items for the homeless in India was delivered and from what I hear was well appreciated too.
2. I did a little crocheting in the local mall and got a couple of ladies interested enough to want to learn crochet from me. Hoping to get to start classes with them soon.
3. Taught a couple of my neighborhood kids and my own kid finger crochet- they loved it and I enjoyed it so much!
I know it's hardly a drop in the ocean ( but I'd like to think it's at least a drop after all !)but then since crochet is hardly known out here let alone crocheters's nice to know that there are people who are interested . And I'm happy that I can spread the art of crochet a little.