Friday, February 17, 2006

Its many days into the Crochet Olympics..its the 8th day to be precise. I've been deligently working to make my project . So far I vae the all the parts ( the front, back, and both sleeves) done .I have to assemble them. I've chosen a simple pattern stitch. I hope to finish off the assembling by tonight. I have no idea how I'm going to make booties or hat to match the sweater but I'll have to figure it out ,wont I? Maybe tomorrow I'll start thinking on that one.
It'll be difficult to find time to do anymore as we'll be at a garden party all evening. The weather is just so beautiful right now. Yesterday we had been the the Global Village in Dubai. There is a replica of the TAJ MAHAL newly made. It's 75% in size of the original Taj Mahal in Agra , India. Its been focussed with flood lights and looks really exquisite. It glows....such beauty. Even the gardens and fountains are done so beautifully.And to add to the magic there is soft music and ghazals playing in the back ground.
It's like magic....until you go inside it. Then it hits you right in the face ....the reality ! Its made of wood and the carving is all just painting! After seeing the real Taj Mahal ...this is a big disappointment ( only when when you see it from so close).
The original is made of real white pearly marble. And its purely has a great sense of peace about it. A true thing of beauty. It's an experience to cherish.

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