Saturday, December 25, 2010

School Project
Last week was full of things happening and this week seems to be nothing easier. Wonder how the end of the year can get busier by the day? This post is for my son ...he insisted that I show off his project for creative festival ,last monday. So here goes...My son ( the little one on the left ) and his classmate holding up their class project ' The Atlantis , Dubai' . It's just a gate but you can imagine the eight year olds them it's the whole island!!
They were so helpful and managed to carry it to and back from school without breaking it . That I say is a huge achievement!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So Beautiful

I came across this blog post today and was so touched and inspired . Being an expat away from home , the love and attachment to your home country never leaves your heart despite all the comfort and facilities available. Farah has shown her love and pride for her country in a beautiful and touching post. It's so refreshing to see such beauty in a country that has been hidden behind all the focus on the ugly political situation.

Click here

Enjoy !

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quilling ....Paper jewellery

Warning : Picture heavy post !

I've been so smitten with paper quilling lately that I'm forever surrounded with paper strips these days. It's been such fun. I have a couple of big projects underway but not yet ready to show.
In the meanwhile Pretty little quilled jewellery sets are getting done one after another. I love the colours and love the simplicity of it.Actually, it's quite surprising that these dainty looking jewellery sets are pretty strong. I've been using a couple of sets for quite sometime now and they are still as good as new!!
I made a few of these for the Arte fair this time and also for gifts to some of my friends. They were so appreciated and well received. Now I'm working on more designs.
Until then ...

and all together ...

Monday, December 20, 2010

December Arte Fair
It's been crazy busy last few days......with the general holiday season, the UAE National day and the Muharam holiday ..etc. It's just been a mad rush.

The Arte Fair was on for two days this time 11th and 12th of December. We met some really wonderful people and saw all kinds of different handmade things. It was pure joy to see so many beautiful crafts and crafters together. It's amazing that people are so creative and talented - all in all a wonderful experience and total inspiration!
Here are some pictures of our craft booth at the December Arte Fair. It was great fun to set up , display and the best part- seeing people appreciate the work we put into crocheted objects.

And more pictures of the different things on display. And a cute little baby girl who is wearing a hairband I made.

Monday, December 06, 2010

A wonderful Giveaway - Check it out!
This is an amazing and generous give away by Scrapcollector . Do check out the blog candy here . These goodies look so tempting.... The last date to enter is 10th Dec.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Happy 39 th National Day - UAE !
This post was supposed to come yesterday but I guess Blogger too was enjoying the National Day like the rest of us and was totally off duty. Here is what I had made with my latest craft - Quilling.

Yes, I have been trying different things and paper craft has been real fun. Quilling is turning out to be one of the fovourites.Who would have thought twirling paper would create wonderful intricate and beautiful peices. I have a lot to learn yet but I'm enjoying the process way too much. So as you can imagine I'm surrounded with strips and coils of colourful paper.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

On the go Pouch
As I've mentioned before I'm trying out all kinds of crafts and enjoying myself thoroughly. Maybe crafters are a blessed kind of people who can find a whole world of crafts and be so happy content with it anytime.
I've been trying my hand at sewing lately. I'm happy with the progress so far.I have been trying different projects and these are a few pouches I made for the craft fair.

I love how these have turned out.They are roomy enough to keep the basic cosmetics and fit in most purses. I have been using mine for the last couple of months and am happy to see that they are pretty practical. Actually, I use it more like an 'easy to change bags accessory'. I just put in all my essentials in it and whenever I need to change bags I don't have to keep organizing things ...just put the pouch in the Purse I intend to carry for the day. For some one like me who is a Bag / Purse lover I keep changing them according to outfits:) and these are so handy to save time.