Monday, March 26, 2012

A card for Mom

Lil Bees's March kit is really beautiful. I loved the soft peaches and pink of the roses. There was a total rush of ideas ....they were coming faster than I could handle!! Anyways , finally this is what I came up with.
I'm also making a few more things with this kit....such possibilities with these papers and colors. And I'm looking forward to using the rest of the goodies that come with it.

Here is the close up of the quilled flowers. These are from Alli Bartovski's new book. And have used lacy square punch - I've been waiting to make something with it all this time. This is my first project with this kit. Please let me know what you think and would love to hear suggestions too from all the lovely card makers out there.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Crocheted bottle covers

Since I have not been posting a lot of crochet projects recently , it looks like I haven't been crocheting. Which is not at all true. Infact there is a lot of crocheting going on ....just not much blogging and uploading :). I hope to post about my recent crochet projects over the next few days. Here we go ...
Beige and turquoise bottle covers and matching glass covers made on custom order. These were easy and fun to make. The beaded edge gave it a better look.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Quilling for Jibran

This frame is for my son made in colours of his chioce and the font too. He wanted only the colours black, gold, silver and 2 shades of orange. Yes, he was very specific.
For a while now I've been thinking about making something for my little one. He thinks 'little one ' is an offensive term for a fully grown up 9 years old that he is. Well, sometimes I doubt there is a wise old man living inside him. Seriously, are all kids more grown up than their age or is it my imagination?
Anyways , he was very particular that I show him my final draft before sticking on all the elements. And as you can imagine , I had to make changes. He kept saying ..."Mom !! nothing loud please, just something quiet and elegant". Nine years old ??? Huh ...I doubt!
Let me show you the progress to the fianl work ...
first the letters ...

next fill them up and put them up on the chosen back ground ...

then playing around with the elements in rest of the colours asked for

well, nice but ...lets brighten it up a little , shall we ?

The reaction to it? " NAH !!! Too bright ...needs to be toned down a few notches ...hmm? ?

So the finally we settled for this :

And thankfully he is very happy with it. This is my first time trying a bit of typography. I have learn't a bit in this project but there is so much, much more to learn. This has been fun.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

2nd ATC Excahnge at EQG - Part 3

It has been longer than I thought ...but here are the pictures of the lovely cards I got from different parts of the world. This swap was such good fun and a learning experience too. Through these tags and cards we get the glimpse of different nations and their cultures :)
Here they are ....
1.This one is sent by Rini Wulandari from Jakarta, Indonesia.

2. This one is sent by Shaikha Al Matrooshi from UAE.

3. These two are from Thusitha Dahanayake from Sri Lanka

4. This tag is sent by Kathleen Brown from USA

5. This tag is sent by Martina Inngauer from Brazil

6. These two tags are sent by Roopa from India ( living in UAE )

7. These two cards are sent in by Gopi Shah from India.

8. This tag is sent by Safiya from India ( living in UAE )

9. This one is sent by Heba from Egypt.

10. This tag is sent by Meeta Panicker from India.

11. This tag is sent by Nidhi Mohnot from India.

12. These two tags are sent by Swati Jain from India (living in UAE)

13. This is sent by Anjali Yogesh from India

14. This tag is sent by Michela from Italy

15. These two tags are sent by Megha Jain from India.

16. This lovely calender is sent by Amna al Fardh from UAE.

17. This tag is sent by Bela Shah from India.

18.This tag is sent by Khawla Al Husseini from UAE.

19. This card is sent by Jeanette Bedard from Canada.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to receive all these wonderful tags and cards from all the different places around the world. It's like having a little peek into other worlds. Thank you so much to all the member who paerticipated in the swap and made all these lovely creations to share. I loved mine and cannot help showing them to all mu friends.