Monday, September 07, 2009


Haekelbeutel Bag
Not a recent FO but long overdue pictures of the famous Haekelbeutel pattern. So here it is all done and lined - ready to go !

Thursday, September 03, 2009

That's my Little Beach Babe !

ETA: Wondering why there are more than one post in a day ? Yup, gotta make up for lots of lost time. I've been a bad blogger :(. But for those of you who have not given on me and still been visiting me here I have a lot to make up for! Thank you for being so supportive.

I had made a scarf for a friend a while back and had fallen in love with the yarn. This halter was made with the leftover yarn. When I saw it I knew I had to make a little something with it for my niece and what better than a halter for the summers out here? the best part was there was still some more left over which was just right for the head scarf and ties for her little flip flops. This was one of those quick projects which I had managed to finish during a 2 hours drive from Abu Dhabi to Dubai.
Broomstick Lace
Learning new techniques or old ones actually , but which are new to me. Some of my dear crochet friends are afraid of losing me to knitting , so this post is specially for them. (This and the next few posts too.)I have been crocheting away non- stop. Especially more since I"ve started knitting. Whenever I have problems in my knitting and get a low morale crochet comes to my rescue. I find peace and solace in old familiar territory. Like coming home.

I enjoyed this technique and I am looking forward to doing a few more projects in this method. Maybe a baby afghan.....lets see. As usual I did not have the tools required and improvising has become a necessity. This time I used my sons Jumbo pencil. I made a smilar scarf earlier too when I was learning the stitch but that was way too uneven and amateur. I'm happy with this one.