Friday, March 31, 2006

Swan Lake doily

           I've got an order to make a swan lake doily by a nice lady who lives nearby. She happened to see some of my doilies and was so impressed that she ordered immediately. She wanted to buy off the one I have but I could not give it as I've already promised to give this doily to another friend. So here the picture of the doily she wants. Its ofcourse inspired by so many swan doilies I've seen online .

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Proud Moment

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                  And here is my little Winner with his medal and certificate! Its for  50 m flat race at his pre- school. I'm having a Proud Mommy moment !! I couldnt resist sharing this.



It's done !

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It is noe finally all done . This is how it looks without any add ons. And then here it is with a rose. It's spring theme , right, so a flower blooms.

                   So what do you say, is it okay to send it for the contest? I know it's not a big designing effort , just a simple bag. But I think like it ! Makes me wonder if there would be any votes on it  though!!!!!

             I have my thread entry ready too , it was done before I started working on this bag .....but it  still needs the finishing to be done!!!! I need to do it soon....I do tend to keep these things pending.  

Monday, March 27, 2006


 I've been making little baskets for trinkets. Its become a craze with me right now since I gave a little basket to my son's teacher. Suddenly, I got bitten big time by the basket bug.

             This basket is made of Raffia and organza ribbon....the picture does no justice to it!! I loved it ...will make many more , I know.

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        Here are more baskets with spring theme. They are made with multi coloured rayon yarn I got from India. Ofcourse, there was no label so I dont know what it's called. I got a few cones of these last year and they are great for making baskets and bowls.

There a few more thread baskets but those are yet to be starched along with this week's snowflake!!! I'll get to that soon ....I hope.

more done on the project- update

          Done quite few rows so far and almost over. Yes, by now you can see that it a bag/ purse. A draw string bag. So the guesses were very good. Here it is ....need to finish it today. And then maybe add some emblishment to it.

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            I didnt end up adding the beads afterall !! Just thought it would look too busy with the different colours and stitches used. Maybe next time I'll make a beaded purse.


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A thougt for everyday!

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Further progress on the project

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      There, I ve added four more pattern rows in the main colour. Now I know it's easier to make out what I'm heading at. It took a while to decide what stitch pattern to make and came up with this. Here is a close up of the pattern stitch.....

                 I guess a few more rows of this same stitch will follow. Hmmm...this feels like a crochet along ...ofcourse without the pattern( which I didnt write out - as usual!).Well, its more like a design- along incredibly simple one though. Anyways, I do think I'll enter this one in the contest afterall.

                 I seriously wonder if there are any remote chances of winning, but then thats not what  really's the fun that counts! And this one I'm enjoying. I can tell you there are some really lovely entries and it would be so difficult to pick.......just one winner !

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Another colour added...yellow looks so much a part of spring and easter , just have to have it there. I've been working on this project and have finished a few more rows. Havent gotten around to uploading the pictures yet . I'll put up the pictures may  be later this evening.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Progress on the project Day 2

       On to the second day and four more rounds done. Since the theme is spring ....I decided to go with the colours of spring.So added a row of soft pastel green and again another row of white. The next colour in row is pastel pink , followed by white again.Still hunting in my stash for other pastel colours.

      I guess I'm getting a little bored with the monotony of the pattern ( though I must admit that it's easy enough to work  on while watching TV). I'm thinking of incorporating another pattern stitch in it. I'll have to try it out and then let you know...

For now here are the pictures so far...... Any guesses what it is ?

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Speaking of challenges- I"ve started working on a design of my own. Yes, once again veturing into designing ...when We all know it's so easy to find patterns available for virtually everything online.
This one I think ( not yet sure until I get to the finishing ) will be entering the Spring Contest in the yarns category.It does not say that you have to enter an original pattern ....but then , I just felt like designing it.
I'm using a locally available yarn ( nameless yarn most yarns we get out here- have the labels removed) in white. I intend to add up some more colours as well or shall I just include beads...I'm just toying with ideas right now! Well, at this point I cannot tell you what it is ( sure enough you'll soon find out) but I'll keep you updated with my progress on it. The circular part is the bottom and then starts the pattern stitch for the sides. Its just dc and bobbles.
My thread entry for the same contest is all done except for a teensy weensy bit of finishing.And then I'll show the pictures for all my bolg friends.

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I had wanted to put this picture up yesterday , I had it all blocked and ready on sunday but then blogger had other it's here today. This was so fast to make ..just about 20 minutes at the most. I've used size 10 Aunt Lydia's thread ( gifted to me by my online fairies) and  hook size 1.25mm.

         I still haven't gotten around to blocking the rest of the snowflakes that are pathetically curled up.But one of these days I'll find the will power to do so.I'm still on a high from having finished my oldest WIP...LOL ! I think I can tackle more challenges.


Saturday, March 11, 2006

My oldest WIP finished!!! I am so relieved. After a long wait, finally,I got it blocked and the picture uploaded ! I think I deserve a treat for this . Okay, I know thw blocking isnt that great but it was too big to block with pins so I just sprayed it with starch and shaped it as it was drying on the dining table.
Its called Rose and Pineapple Doily. The doily is about 80 cms in diameter. I used pearle cotton and hook size 1.25mm. The original pattern says it will be 19" in diameter I dont know how mine turned out so much bigger!!!!
Well, I can say this probably is the biggest doily I ever made and will ever make. But it's a great feeling to have your oldest WIP on your FO list . Yay!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Here is my first blocked snowflake for monday. There are about 5 more that are yet to be blocked. You cannot make out in the picture ...I've used white thread with silver streaks. Gives a shimmering look to the snowflake, which ofcourse , is totally absent in the picture!!! The thread is so pretty. Again, another nameless thread in a cone , I bought in Bangalore last year. This is a lovely thread to work with and starches well too.
And this is yet another bell from the same thread. My own pattern...just fooloing around while watching T.V.
And some good news on the WIP front. I have a new FO to my list .I have finally finished the WIP centre peice . I cannot believe how relieved I am. I still have to wash and block it. It's huge ..I might need to use my bed for blocking it. But it does look pretty!! I'm glad I'm finished with my oldest WIP. Well, many more WIPs to go, I know, ...but I'm getting there. Finally, decided what I am going to make for the contest in the thread department( yarn project is still undecided....I wonder if I will enter in the yarn contest afterall !) I'll be getting all the ,aterials in order and start working on it tonight.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

  Here is the bookmark that I was making for my son's teacher. Its from the book Unique bookmarks. It's called Violets in lace. Actually the border is not the same ..I just like to make changes here and there.



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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Gold !


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