Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pink Ribbon Project

October is the month of the "Pink Ribbon" - the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This cause is very dear to me because I have seen the pain of some of my closest friends and family too. Some of them are with us no more but fortunately there are a few who are the survivors of this disease. This quilled work my tribute to all those who are touched by it either by fighting it themselves or watching and supporting a loved one going through it. I will not mention names here but those of my friends who I mean will know .... Often I have been asked to make tutorials of my projects. I don't end up doping that but now I have started taking pictures of my work in progress. I hope this is helpful for those who want an idea of how I worked on it. It is a simple enough project ...but very special to me. First off I started with the outline of the pink ribbon ....
and then came the filling in .....I've used the beehive technique.
and the just add the different elements as you like. Here are some of the pictures with details and different angles.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Crochet Princess Scallops Dress

I have been waiting to make this little dress for quite sometime now. But somehow life is getting busier and busier. Some of the projects are just just going down the list. Finally got a chance to make this one for my friend's little girl and I can tell you she looks absolutely adorable in it. The little hair clips just adds to the cuteness factor. And for my many friends who, like me, are interested in pattern sources.......this is not my pattern at all. I saw this on a Russian website and fell in love with it. It is easy enough to make without a pattern. I worked the bodice with solid dc and the skirt part is done in lacy scallops. If anybody could point out the original designer of this pattern I would like to mention her name and give credit for the pattern.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Crochet baby Tunic dress

A baby tunic dress in crochet. I loved working on this little set and really like the way it turned out. It's done in Bernat bay yarn and has an amazingly soft look and feel to it. I did not follow any particular pattern...basically tried ti get the right shape and size. Basically it is a little variation on my earlier baby dress made for baby V. I had initially thought of adding bows and ribbon to it but then decided that the little bunches of flowers looked better. This was requested by a very dear friend and I am so glad that she loved it.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Crochet Mini Moogly Sweater set

I fell in love with this pattern in Ravelry and just had to make one . This is the baby blanket I made some time back and had to make a matching sweater to go with it. It is all done in Bernat baby yarn and soft as ever. And ...close up ..