Saturday, April 28, 2007

I'm back !
Hi again to all my blog friends. I finally got internet connection and I'm glad to be back online. Finally the moving is over and now I'm going through the setting up and settling in process. But I must say that I already love my new home. And the best part is that now I have my own craft room...yay!!!!
I'm just popping in to let you all know that back online but can't stay on for long as there is just too much left to doand can't put off the work....well, as you can imagine !
Ofcourse, I'm still crocheting....every single day- very little but still at it to keep myself sane. So I do have some nearly finished projects. Ofcourse , I'll post those once I can unpack my camera...:).

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Here I come , The city of Gardens!

So we are all set, packed and ready to move. Now it's the packers and Movers to handle the bigger and delicate items . It's been difficult having all our stuff packed off until God alone knows when I get around to unpacking the numerous cartons- atleast we have a bag of toys for the little fella and my current projects kept aside on top to keep me sane.
I'm hoping to have the telephone lines , cable and internet set up soon enough. So , if I'm missing in action for a few days you can be sure that I haven't got the internet connection. Once I do , I'll rush back immediately to catch up on everything that I missed.
Is it just me or does everybody feels all jittery before moving ? I can't seem to relax's exciting and scary ..... please pray that everything goes fine.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ballerina dishcloth
This is the dishcloth I made for my dishcloth exchange a while back but couldn't post a picture because I was waiting for the puffy to reach my partner. Finally I got a word from her that she received it. And here I am with my show and!
It was an easy enough and fast pattern to work.
Looks like I'm in the dishcloth mode suddenly. I've signed up for 3 dishcloth exchanges and already have the first one ready to be posted. I know ....with the moving and things , I shouldn't keep these diversions , but then what can a girl do when she is so tired? Crochet ,ofcourse!
I came across a very interesting and sweet pattern today at Anna's blog . It's a teapot cozy pattern and cute as ever. And as always, Anna's talents always amaze me. Such wonderful creations. Do check it out. It's already on my to do list. And looks like it's going to a friend who is very fond of tea.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Nordstrom Hobo Bag

I had seen a post about this bag at the C'ville sometime back and had been smitten by it ever since.I checked out Dao Lam's Blog - Just One More Line for the pattern , yes ,its a free pattern. I couldn't stop drooling over it. I had to make it right away. But I had to find purse handles first!

I had waited all this time to get the purse handles. But as I've been telling time and time again , there are hardly any craft supplies available in this country. Strange thing, because in this place , UAE, you get all kinds of things from all over the world- except yarn, hooks,pattern books , craft supplies etc ! Why ? I wonder!

Anyways, finally , after repeatedly failing to get purse handles , I decided to just get on with it and make the bag and make crocheted straps for it.And here is the picture of my bag. And maroon and burgundy are colours I cannot resist. I used a velvet ribbon in beige gold.

This bag was fun to make and I know I'll be making many more of these. I like the pattern simple and elegant. I used Red Heart super saver yarn . But the next time I'm intending to add a little twist - maybe hook up come nylon and acrylic yarn together.
Thank you Shaheen !

Looks like it's mail time for me . I'm receiving all my exchanges and it is such fun. I love's so wonderful to see things made by different people . Yes, this the beautiful purse that I got from Shaheen for the purse exchange at the Crochet Mania. This exchange was so much fun . Shaheen also put in this lovely soft yarn and wooden rings . Looks like more bags are added to my 'things to make' list. Its done in black crochet cotton and the design is just simple beautiful. The deatils are not clearly visible in the picture. Fine design is quite difficult to show in black, especially in a picture ( esp for a photographer like me lol! )

Note the lovely beads that she has incorporated in the design. And it is her very own design. A job well done and I'm happy to be the proud owner.