Sunday, February 12, 2006

Spaz Well, the good news is here...My son bagged the First Place at the Fancy Dress Competition. I just got a call from his teacher. They'll be having an awarding function and prizes will be distributed then. I'm so thrilled! But Jibb's ( my honeybee) doesnt yet understand the concept of coming first ...he was happy about the 'everybody clapped for me ' part. Thats kids and thats why they are so adorable.
It's not the winning that's important...I guess thats an important lesson in there.


Raquel said...

Congrats Jibs and Yasmin.So whats going to be our treat to celebrate this occasion?

Sue said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your son and his costume are absolutely adorable! Congrats on the 1st place! Your thread crochet is so lovely! I'd love to try more of that. :)

Yasmin said...

Thank you. Well, Raquel the treat is ready whenever you are ! So just come on over.

Thanxs, Sue. It was fun working on his costume. I enjoyed reading your blog. You do beautiful work yourself and your squares are very nice. You are a neat crocheter.