Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pictures of Crochet Olympics Sweater set
Yay ! Finally , I got my digital camera all set and back. So here are the pictures. I should have posted them earlier....but then I just got the camera repaired and back this afternoon.
Yes, I'm still working on the centre piece. I had some problem with the pattern for the border, so I decided to do it in my way. If I can finish it by tonight and block it too, then I'll be showing off the pictures soon.
I'm not breaking my New Year's resolution , just a little bending ,thats all. My son asked me to crochet something for his teacher....actually he wanted to give the Crochet Olympic hat to his teacher!!!!! Well, finally , I manged to get him settled on a bookmark. He chose the bookmark, too. It's a pretty one. I'm on the third motif now.

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