Thursday, November 24, 2011

First Exhibition of Paper Quilling in UAE and the Middle East.

Sharing my joy and happiness with my friend in blogland!

We had our first Pqper Quilling Exhibition in UAE and the Middle East yesterday on 22nd November 2011. And what a grand affair it was! The Exhibition is the first ever of its kind in the Arab world, under the patronage of His Highness the crown prince of Umm Al Quwain, Sheikh Rashid Bin Saud Al Mualla.It is hosted by the Centre of the Ministry of Culture, Youth & Community Development in Umm Al Quwain, with the support of Abu Dhabi Music & Arts foundation. It featured amazing Paper Quilling art from the artists in UAE and from all over the world ! There is also the display of the attempt at world record by Amna Al Fardh - the founder of the Emirates Quilling Guild and a truly gifted artist. She is the lady who managed to make this event happen.
There were such lovely works of Art ...I'll be posting many pictures over the next few days :)For now , I will just show you some of my entries for the exhibition.

This is a simple wreath done in the colours of the UAE Flag.It is done completely with 10mm Quilling paper strips. Made in loops and then joined together to form the wreath. I have used more than 1000 paper strips for this project. It looks daintier than it is. It is very solid and heavy piece.

Here is my favourite...the Gazebo. This is one of my dream projects.For the first time , I have a piece which turned out just as I had planned and visualized. I did not have to make any changes at all to my ideas. Except for the little top roof ( I was thinking of skipping that part ) but my brother insisted I include it.It took hours and days of work....even though it looks fairly simple...this one is a deceptive one. I made it from scratch....even the template was made by myself. But I was so hppy with everybody's reaction to it. It was so well appreciated. Even the Crown Prince was impressed :D .As you can imagine I'm so thrilled.
More pictures to come .....