Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Okay ! I did it . Isnt he so cute? I did not have the proper brown for it.....couldnt get the shade here . My son was getting impatient I had to make do with whatever colours I had.
Here it is. The little turtle designed by Reecie. Thank you Reecie for the pattern.I didnt change the pattern much ...just teensy bits..the legs are a little 'fatter' and the tail more prominent !

Monday, January 30, 2006

OK ! Finally I could manage to fix the problem. There was some foul paly at the TEMPLATES. I did see my son trying to work like Momma on the computer - thats what he says...Well, I should learn to make back up of my stuff from now on. Phew ! that was close!!!
Is thia just me ...or is my blog suddenly gone empty? Its just blank !!!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Ooh ! I'm so in love with these little turtles. They are called Amigurumi turles. Aren't they just adorable???
My son had one look at these and refuses to let me do anything else...he wants his turtle done. So I decided to quit everything else and do this one first. I came across this in Crochetville. The original pattern is by Reecie ..but this picture is taken by Kristie in her post. Thankyou Reecie for the pattern. I'll be posting my pictures soon.

Here is a one of my favourite little thread projects. I love crochet in three dimension. Ofcourse ...I dont like the stiffening part ...that is so boring. But making them is a joy.
This one is called Cup and Saucer by Jo Ann Maxwell.I got from Crochet Home magazine , june - july 1993 edition. This magazine was ROAKed by Gloria. Thank you Gloria for you lovely gift. I can't even begin to tell you how much I treasure the things you sent me.

Friday, January 27, 2006

This colour just stole my heart away. I just had to have it. I got two skeins of 50g each. Its 100 % acrylic yarn. The company is called HARIRI. Anybody heard of it? Its a soft type...would make lovely baby stuff too. Its a pink and lavender mix. Its a lovely, girlie colour colour basically.
So I decided to make a scarf called Glengarry Scarf. Its by ASN called Scarves with Attitude. I'm working on it presently and I can hardly wait to finish it ....I just love the feel of it. And the colour is just so amazing too. Love the pattern too. All in all , I'm thoroughly enjoying this project. I'm through with one more to go. This one is definately for ME !

A lovely birthday gift ..... these two wonderful books I've been drooling over for months now. My aunt managed to get it ....I've no idea how...and she wouldn't tell me. Maybe she's afraid I wont spare her and drive her nuts to get me more stuff! They are Needle tatting books by Barbara Foster. And a set of tatting needles for threads and one for yarn. My first venture ever into needle tatting.
And this is the first medallion I made. My first project made of yarn. I used the local yarn for this which is pretty poor in quality. I use it for drafting or learning new stuff...that way I can save up my really good yarn for better projects.

Sometime back I had come across something interesting - a cone of nylon twine. It looks like plasticky (?) ,rope like thread. This label said - Fishing Twine. Thats all. Nothing more. It looked interesting....but the shopkeeper had no idea what it was for. He said it was new...and nobody bought it.
Well....I was his first customer.... Got just one cone in the only colour available - pearly white. I made up a pattern for a child's purse. It was tough to work with and my fingers hated it. But then it could also have been because the hook was a small size and the stitch pattern a little intricate. It took great amount of determination to get this one done. Needless to say ...I didnt pick up that thing ever again.
Now , once again I came upon the same nylon thread in a different shop in a huge array of lovely colours. Mostly bright colours. They look so pretty. Once again the guys in the shop have no idea what its used for. But they did say its selling well. I wonder why they never bothered finding out what its used for. Well.....I guess I'm tempted to buy it but I'll wait ...for I have'nt yet forgotten how my poor fingers felt at the time.
Here's the result of my little adventure with this nylon thread.
This was my first purse. I wanted to make a purse...didnt have any patterns ( usual problem with me !!) .So I had to make up one ( the begining of my amateur designing ventures and attempts) . I worked in rounds.First ...I made the oval base with sc stitches. Then started working with the pattern stitch. I don't know what the stitch is called. I just kept trying different tricks until I ended up with something I liked. I wanted to make it with shells....but I think it didnt look that well.I'm not very sure but I think it is...something like this: work 1dc and 1hdc in same stitch, skip next stitch, 1 dc and 1 hdc in next stitch, skip next stitch......until end of row...join with sl st in the first dc.
Does that make sense???

This was the first thing ever that I made for my son. A crocheted hooded Jacket.It was simple enough and fun too. The original pattern called for a zipper ...but I added wooden buttons instead.
But then ...he refuses to wear it....these pictures were taken after the promise af a treat.He is very choosy about his clothes. I wonder if this is the story at age 3 , what will be the teens like? God help me !

Thursday, January 26, 2006

I love creativity but nothing prepared me for what I came across today at Crochetville. There was discussion about crochet with spagetti !!!! Now that is really pushing the art to different levels. I wouldnt have ever imagined!! I admit I did toy with the idea of crocheting with long strands of hair ( wierd , I know !!!) .
All I can say is that art has no limits and anything is reachable. YAY ! Crochet is so flexible and versatile...No wonder I'm thoroughly hooked.
But I cant say I'll tackle cooked cold pasta...but who know...I just might . Right feels EWWWWWWWWW !

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hi ! Finally I'm here with my blog. I love this place ...lovely set up and look. My new place to ramble on.