Monday, November 10, 2008

Life Will Find A Way
It's strange how things turn out totally different from what we expect, what we plan and what really follows. Life teaches you so many lessons by just pushing circumstances on you and catching you so unaware that it takes a while to simply recover from the shock and actually feel the impact of our experiences. Anyways, its a good thing that God has given us a nature to bounce back and catch up with our lives and our usual activities. I do not want to be too specific ..... ( I still am not upto talking about it ) but there has been a turn of events .I'm in Bangalore right now on an emergency leave until probably the end of the month.
All I can say is that I'm doing a lot of growing up and learning ...and I think 'growing up' was sure over rated when we were kids lol !!! All the gramour of the freedom of adults was what made sense ...the responsibilty factor was hiding far behind in the shadows. Ok...I know I'm going on and on ...sorry about that ..just letting off some steam, venting ..etc.