Sunday, February 19, 2006

These are the pictures of the little bits before assembling them together. I've added further more to the bottom of the sweater and to the sleeves as well ( well, thats not from the original ). I think it looks prettier with the additions.Since I cannot show the whole sweater just yet ...this is all I can.
Yes , I have finished the sweater ( completely) ,now I'm on to designing the booties. I've frogged out three times already but I hope this time it turns out okay.Will post the pictures of the progress.


Suzetta said...

Love the color, what yarn are you using?

Raquel said...

Its shaping up nicely.You are doing great Yas.I know you will succed with that bootie as well and it will turn out just as great too

Ulla said...

Seems to be very nice.

Ulla in the north of Sweden wishes you good luck with the progress

Yasmin said...

Suzetta, thanx for stopping by. It's a yarn that goes by my own name ...Yasmine. It's 100% acrylic and has a very soft and silky feel to it. I've combined it with white Bernat Softee yarn.
Raquel and Ulla, thanx for the confidence and cheers. You are so sweet.