Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crocheted Book cover

Taking a break from big projects that I'm working on right now. These book covers are quick and easy to make. Just whipped them up with any colours and designs and it's impossible to stop at just one. There are two more of these on my hooks right now.
I'm also trying to polish my sewing skills which at the moment are probably close to nil. I can manage to sew in neat straight lines so far. Lets see how much I learn of this but I'd love to try. I'm so inspired by all the beautiful sewing projects made by my friends online.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bag it - 9 ! Lacy Flower Bag

Like I was saying the last time , more and more bags are turning out by my hooks!I'm crocheting loads of other stuff too but the bags get done before anything else! I have been crocheting for as long as I can remember and the dear hubby has accepted the hook as a natural extension to my arm ( that's what he calls it).

This bag has been on my ever growing ' to make ' list for a long time now. With all the various distractions it always got side lined and the prospect of weaving in so many ends was terrifying. Well finally, I mustered the guts and plunged in. Yes there are a whole lot of ends to weave in and that part is no fun.It was so tiresome that I needed a little change - I thought a little matching coin bag would go so well with it.
I've been trying around other crafts too too much inspiration out there not to give a try to the various crafts. The funniest reaction was from the hubbs, when he saw me ot crocheting for 2-3 days , he was shocked and thought I was giving up crochet to pursue other interests....he actually tried to convince me that crochet and I had a strange unbreakable bond. My son wanted to ry out the new stuff with me but soon got bored of it all- except for the paper quilling - he loved that! We have a few paper quilling projects going on too and a little sewing as well....So I guess I'm turning out to be a multi-crafter after all. I've always found this word strangely fascinating....

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bag it 8 ! Shimmering Lilac Elegance

Another evening bag off my hooks. I love the look of this bag and it is big enough to carry all the girly essentials, I think. I hope to display it during the craft fair next month.
The thing I like about this bag is that it is very verstaile. It would go with most black outfits and it would looks great with Abaya as well. I'm still in the bag mode ...seems like it is an obsession. Does this happen to you you try to sleep and all these wonderful bag ideas and designs keep you wide awake and excited? This is like an every night story for days now ....
But I'm making different things as well. I'll blog about it soon.