Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's been a long time since I've posted. Okay, I know this is becoming quite regular. I was thinking of making a really interesting and creative blog post this time. But haven't had the words flowing yet. But creativity is going on , not really original but I've my next bag designed.
This one is for my Mom, a late birthday gift :). Actually she claimed it even before I had it finished. It's her favourite colours.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Knit MaryJane booties
This is my second pair of knit booties. I must say, this pattern though classified as easy and beginners, gave me a little bit of a tough time. I couldn't figure out the instructions and had to leave it for while and picked it up again after a week and it made sense! I'm proud of this one because I managed to get this done with no help at all and didn't give up even after frogging it out 2 times. I'm glad I stuck on until I understood the instructions properly. Although I must admit that it can turn out much better knitting isn't all that smooth yet. The pattern is HERE But this was a good project and I learn't a few things : 'make one ' - left slant as well as the right slant slip, slip , knit decrease join yarn yarn at a particular point and knit from there onwards - this is the first time I've done this make a botton hole. accept that frogging out ( I hate it ) is a learning process and I cannot avoid it atleast not while I'm still learning! Maybe later on when I know knitting well enough I can get adventurous and avoid frogging out my work. use a stitch holder

7. Knitting needs constant counting !

A little treasure box
What happens when you have just some yarn and hook at hand and want to make a small token for a friend and have no idea what it is that you want to make- and your are sitting in car for a very long drive (so no acess to any patterns)? You want it to be something she'll use, in a colour she likes and nothing too fussy! So, you just decide to get innovative and make a little something!This is what I whipped up. A trinket box is always needed no matter how many you have. Once I made it I realised it's perfect for keeping bangles and bracelets.Just the right size!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It's teachers day today , celebrated in all Indian schools all over the world. A day to give thanks and tribute to those wonderful and important people in our lives and in the lives of our children who play such an important role in our upbringing.--- Wow! that's long sentence! Jibbs wanted me to make a gift for his teacher. So he's taking with him a lovely rose , a bookmark and a Hobo bag. Yes, I can't stop making those bags!!! It's my fourth one so far. And the best of all , a card made and written out by Jibs himself.
There always semm to be many days dedicated to different events. And I've always enjoyed these themes. But one of best is cominmg soon. Our favourite hookmaker gentleman , JIMBO ,has introduced a day specially to the crochetrs all over the world. He has announced the 12th of September to be INTERNATIONAL CROCHET DAY. Check it out at his Blog. He is even giving away a gorgeous crochet hook to mark the occasion.
Now , I find this concept very interesting. What could we do on a special day like this , especially since the only crocheter I know out here is me!!! First, I'm going to send out my lot of crocheted and knitted baby things for charity ( remember , the Knitting for charity ? ) and then I'm going to try my best to find some poor unsuspecting soul and bless her life with crochet...yes, I'm going to teach someone. What better way to honour this wonderful craft than passing it on to another.
Since its back to school time for my little fella , I do have some free crochet time in the mornings. I intend to write up the patterns of some of my new designs and complete some UFOs. Maybe , I'll ask for testers!!
So what do you think you will be doing for this new day? Any ideas? I'd have loved a get together of crocheters but I have to first find some crocheters out here!!