Friday, February 10, 2006

Its been a while .....A busy week .My son had his fancy dress at pre-school yesterday.So last week was devoted to his costume preparation. It was a tough task to persuade him to dress as anything other than Woody or Buzz Lightyear from the movie Toy Story. They are his all time favourite characters ( besides all the lion King characters and Simba being the Supreme Idol) .
Finally, he agreed to be a Honey-bee. It was his first time on stage and I was so surprised to see that he was absolutely comfortable to be there. He greeted everyone and introduced himself. And spoke about being a honeybee and buzzed for the cheering audience. He even said 'Thank-you' before leaving!!!! Oh ! That was such a priceless moment!!! Well, I guess watching all those TV shows proved useful after all!
There are some pictures of my honey bee. It was fun making the costume and I had to run around so much to get the materials for it. This place needs to sseriously update its craft supplies!! But it was so tatally worth it.


Raquel said...

what a cute little honeybee!!!!!.You did a wonderful job of making the costume for him Yasmin and Jibbs seems to have oved te spotlight.Cingrats to you and little Jibs

Yasmin said...

Thank you, Raquel. He did enjoy it.

Mimi said...

Good job on the costume and for having a bright boy, congrats! I've also had my share of making costumes for my kids many years ago, but none of those were that great ;)