Monday, December 17, 2007

Icey Dicey Baby Vest and matching Hat

This is my latest designing experiment and I'm happy with the way it turned out. A few more projectson the go but not yet done to be shown yet.
The yarn used is Hariri in white and the pattern stitch is plain old V-Stitch. I just added in the scallpoed edge to the vest and the cap. So how do you like it? This is an attempt to create designs from simple stitches.....again nothing original! Just inspiration from amny existing patterns. Now that makes me wonder ....when you design clothing the basic idea is already around just end up making slight differences.Like for instance when you make a baby sweater or a vest, how many variations can you seriously have and still keep it practical? Just random thoughts....okay ,you can change the stitch patterns , colour combos, textures, yarn types, maybe even alter the style a bit but then what more can you change?

More pictures to show but I guess it'll have to wait . The next few days are going to busy with Eid just round the corner , the winter vacations and finally my Birthday! Yes come the new year and I grow another year !

Saturday, December 15, 2007

And More .....
And as I promised a few more pictures. I really enjoyed making this tisuue holder the last time so much that I made another one just the same ,yes even the holly is identical !

Another little trivet. It's candy cup but looks very cute as a votive candle holder. It's one of those just one more stitch projects- real quickie and great for using up scraps. Thats my another new thing with me ...using up scraps. I'll put up more pictures of my scrap yarn projects ....I'm just loving it !

And finally , finished designing another baby pattern. I'll post about that with pictures soon .

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Many Fos
Looks like the the year end is seeing many Finish off this year and it's a good feeling. Finally most of the ' to do ' for 2007 seem to have been done with except the few standard exceptions !!!

So here are a few of the projects to show. Most of these are baby stuff as there are many babies on their way pretty soon. and before you begin to wonder, I'm not expecting one ! But it looks like everyone around me is I'm bcak to crochting my favourite things ...Baby stuff!

This is very cute and super easy and quick to make Romper & cap Set.I've used Hariri acrylic yarn and I'm please with how soft and snuggly it has turned out to be.

I've been wanting to make the very popular 'Baby it's cold outside' sweater. And now I understand why everyone just loves these. It's a very easy, fast and absolutely cute pattern. The picture just doesn't show the colours well(.....maybe I should try it with another camera) but it looks adorably pretty in person.

I'll put up more pictures tomorrow as blogger decides not to upload any more today.