Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yet another one
I call this Snow Lace Doily. This is another one of my attempts at designing doilies from simple motifs. This is going to be a tray doily for a friend. I hope she like it. I've used Aunt Lydia's size 10 thread... and I'm feeling bad that now it's almost over!I must say , I love working with this thread. And made the most of it while it lasted. I used it for some of my best projects.Anyways, here is the picture of the doily-

I have been visiting a lot of food and recipes blogs lately. And Wow! there are some amazing blogs out there. I'm getting interested in cooking all over again. I enjoy cooking but at times lose interest in the daily mundane cooking! All these new recipes are tempting me to experiment. So don't be surprised to read about food stuff out here!
While I've been checking out stuff ( especially since Ravelry is blocked- don't want ot talk abt this makes me very upset!),I'm also doing my favourite pass time - checking out all the new crochet/ knitting supplies online and drooling over them.And basically envying anybody in blogland who mentions new acquisitions like yarn, hooks, accessories etc. My target today has been Amazon and it's been amazing !!! It's unbelievable the amount of things available and to think of it you don't get any of the stuff out here. It's not surprising as crafting is really not too popular out here. But the good news is things are changing and I now find a few crocheter/ knitters who blog and live in UAE. That has been great I just hope someday we can work out some kind of arrangement or get together for all of us. I'm hoping!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Doilies to show

I've been crocheting like there is some kind of race going on ....Is this what happens before you get a burnout? You go on crocheting like crazy and have a dozen more projects to work up next until eventually to end up having a crochet breakdown. I've seen many of my blog friends go through this and I hope I don't end up in a slump! Though right now every single minute I'm fighting the urge to pick up the hook.
Anyhoos, here is my latest doily. I have seen dozens of motifs looking like this and whipped up this one based on those. The rest is just a matter of putting them together and giving it an edging! So can I say I designed it myself ...I wonder!

This one next is based on a pattern stitch I really like. I've seen this stitch used on various garments, shawls and tops etc. I wanted to experiment it on a doily - more like a tray cloth.Hmmm... I had wanted to give it a frilly edging but ran out of thread :(. And you know by now ....that I have to improvise in such circumstances as there is absolutely no chance what so ever to be able to get that thread here.

There's more to show don't forget to check back!
More to show
I know my blog posts are coming in slow these days. The weird reason being that I'm getting more crochet done and that's why I lose out on Blogging time. This one is new for me ....I'm more used to spending more time on PC drooling over patterns and supplies and yarn rather than actually crocheting!
This is a chair caddy done as one of the quick results projects. It's a quick and easy pattern. I'd say a good one beginners. And real handy too.It's already made it's home on my arm chair and has begun it's loyal service as well.

And now for the goodies. Kids have their own set of logic and reasons and nothing said can change that. Sometimes I'm at a loss of words and shamefully resort to treats!! So when faced with a tough situation : A donut does the trick , at least for now! What would we do n a world without donuts and chocolates?

Jibbs loved the chair caddy and has decided to make one himself. Of course, that means he will learn to crochet and he wants to learn so badly. I've tried explaining to him that 5 years is to young for this but then like I said : they have their own logic! He says , if he is old enough to make his own bed then he is old enough to crochet! Besides, I know he loves to play around with my hooks! I find the missing ones in his stuff. The little fella has begun to make his claim on my yarn too lately...I'm not sure this mommy wants to share!!! I'm very possessive about my hooks , yarn and threads....after all we don't get them here!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A few of my crocheted things

It's not cold out here at all , in fact summer is in full glory and yet I have afghans to show!! Ironic , but that's how it is ! This an afghan I finished recently for a friend. It's a basic granny pattern and worked up in a Jiffy.So I really enjoyed it except for feeling very hot while I had to have it on lap. Thank goodness for Central air conditioning !

And then matching pillows ,of course ,follow. This one is called charming clusters. And it worked like a charm!

I've worked with the same yarn as the previous floral buttoned pillow and the same King Cole Magnum chunky yarn.The pillow measures about 16 inches and the afghan is about 63 inches.
One thing I learnt in this project is that making afghans is not at all bad and can be quite fun too. If you know me , you'd know how I run away from making afghans. I guess it stems from the shortage of yarns and threads out here. And prefer to make full use of it! And the amount of yarn needed for an afghan actually scares me! And chunky is not my favourite type of yarn still looks and feels great for afghans. Now that's a whole lot of Ands....
Another yarn project finished recently is a an apple coaster - but since I used really thick yarn it's more of a potholder!

Not that I'm complaining , who doesn't need yet another potholder? I like to make a bunch of these as gifts. My friends appreciate it and i gives me the excuse to make more;).
I got your Pay It Forward Package yesterday and so totally loved it. The book is gorgeous...there is something so dainty and feminine about Japanese designs, rt? And I was thrilled to be a proud owner of your own Original design. I drove dh nuts ..kept showing him that I have a friend who designs stuff and gets them published too. So proud of you. And once again, thank you so much.
Here are the pictures of the lovely package from Mimi.

You can see Mimi's name printed out here. Way to go , girl! I have to get this bag done , it's so pretty.