Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Floral Buttoned Pillow

As promised more pictures for you. This is, again ,my own pattern and I guess I'm pleased with the way it's turned out. As you might have already guessed by now that I've not written down a pattern yet! But then any crocheter with a little bit of crocheting experience ca whip up this little unoriginal! I'm working on a matching afghan too. Ofcourse, I'll be posting the pictures real soon as it is almost done. It feels so good to have projects rolling by ....ahh! the feel of having FOs to show.
This time around I've got to use some really pretty yarn. Its called MAGNUM CHUNKY - King Cole.When I saw it first I must admit I thought it looked a bit rough and brushy . But once I began working with it all doubts dispersed. I enjoyed working with this yarn. How do you like it?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sweetheart Roses Baby Layette

I fell in love with this pattern as soon as I set eyes on it. I had to wait a long while to get this pattern. I had tried various sources and given up. But I did out it up in this post on this blog expressing my absolute desire for it. And before I could imagine I had an angel looking out for me. And Shari got back in touch with me and mailed the book to me. Wasn't that the sweetest? Thank you so much Shari, I really appreciate your kindness and generosity.
I made this little layette for my one and only niece born this February. It was her 'Coming Home ' outfit but she turned out to be way too tiny to wear this! But now she has finally grown into it and looks thoroughly adorable. I love the little looks so cute! All in all, I'd say this is an amazing pattern- really quick and easy to follow. Great job by the designer .
Once the set was done I had to add a berret too. I've seen many online and whipped this one up. It looks way too much like many of the other designs I've seen on line. So I just crocheted it up looking at the pictures. I love the way it turned out.

Many more projects are actually making their transition from UFO to FO finally! Can't tell you how proud that makes me. I'll be putting out more pictures really soon.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pineapple Soap Sachet

Latest project off my hook! This a real quickie and pretty cute to make too. So I ended up making two. I'm planning on making more of these for gifts. I love the smell of soap in my cupboards. You'll find many of these tucked away in all the various rooms in my house ...I know it's weird but then I told you I love the smell of some soaps. Since I have extremely sensitive skin and I cannot use them, I use them to keep my clothes and towels fragrant!
The pattern is not all that well written. I had to rewrite it to make it easily understandable . This one was worked as a thread special project with a friend. I also like to call it my stash buster project. I used up my scrap threads!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tidal Flow Afghan

This is the second full adult sized afghan I've made so far. The first one was given away before I could take pictures :( . But now I'm learning and improving. I take pictures immediately after completing the projects. Yes sometimes even before blocking. As in this I'm sure you'll note . This one is already in it's new home and I couldn't post the pictures before my friend received it .
This pattern is called Tidal flow and that's all I know of it. I had seen it long back and made a few swatches of it with different colours. I just followed the pattern from my swatch and made the Afghan.If anybody happens to know the source of this pattern, please let me know . I'd love to credit the designer . It's alovely pattern and fun to work and surprisingly quick too.
My son call it the sun and sea afghan because of the colours. I think it's an apt name , it does remind me of the beach in summer. We have a lot of summer days spent on the beaches. If you are interested in the close up of the pattern stitch , here you are :

And if you are wondering about my previous post about the Ring Cushion - Well, it got there in time . I delivered it personally , my own sweet self!! I had promised to get it delivered on time ...and sooo I'm glad I could!!

Monday, April 07, 2008


This is just off my hooks! The latest project. It's for a friend and this time I got the picture before giving it away !! Learning from experience. It's one of those urgent requests and I hope it get to her in time and that she likes it.
For those of you interested to know the details : I've used Aunt Lydia's thread -white- size 10. And the inner lining is done in white silk. Yes , stitched by my own self!!! This time the pattern too is an original -right to the stitch pattern!! Oh yes, how much original can you get in making a cushion??? ;) !
And now for the Ranting part of the story.....I'm really mad at Aramex courier service. Since this was a top urgently required item I had been after these guys to collect it from me and deliver it to Dubai ( which happens to be merely 1 and half hour drive from here !!!! ) and after stalling me for a whole day , now they tell me it cannot be delivered by tonight !! And what's worse they cannot be sure whether they can deliver it by tomorrow evening. Ofcourse I get all mad and worked up and ask them what I can do? And would you believe it ...they ask to lodge a complaint!!!Ah intelligent , like that would get my package there. I'm so MAD right now and sorry too for ranting on and on out here but those of you thinking of using Aramex -think again. I'd say stay away.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April Showers !
Where are they? There aren't any rains out here and looks like summer has made an early start this year.My poor plants are already suffering the heat and it is showing too ( this could also be the results of poor gardening skills!)
I came across a nice Give Away at Ana's blog of Lullabies and lace. It's her 400 th post - Do drop in and check out her blog . She is a very creative woman and I so enjoy her blog and love to see her various projects in crochet and sewing and other crafts too. She has some really gorgeous patterns on her site.