Saturday, February 25, 2006

There seems to be no luck with the digital camera so far ...they havent gotten around to checking it yet!!! I'll just have to find some other means of getting the pictures here.
I've taken up a long, long put away WIP. It's pineapple centre peice with a whole load of motifs. I have just two more motifs tro go and the border as well. It's a pretty enough pattern but such big projects are not my cup of tea.
Actually , it started quite innocently. There was this pretty motif that my sister in law had done during her visit from India. She wanted to make a centre peice for her MIL. And she had misplaced it and could not find it before she left.
I found it a couple of months later in my sons toys( he was just 8 months then)!!! He must've decided to keep it for himself. It looked so pretty ...I thought I might as well complete the rest of the doily and give to SIL dearest. Thre was no picture ...just the pattern printed out . I remembered her telling me it was a very beautiful doily ( a bit big.......but I had no idea how big!!!).
So there after taking it up and putting it away time and time again ..I've finally decided to finish it off. Lets say ..the determination from the Crochet Olympics is still lingering....


Ulla said...

Lovely son you have

He wanted to have you more...without crochet??????

Have a nice weekend
Wish you good luck with you crochet.

Ulla in the north of Sweden

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the camera! :)