Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Black Belt !!

It's been a little over 5 years....I remember the when day we sent Jibbs for his first Karate class. He was just so little , not even 5 years old. It felt strange and scary. What if he was hurt? what if he hated it ? what if there were fractures etc? But then seeing him enjoy his classes and his very dedicated and caring teacher put all the fears at ease. Jibran has been very lucky to have a most wonderful teacher. We are so grateful and thankful to Mr. Savad for all his hard work and patience. Here is the little champ! Surprised to see his celebration cake. He had come home from the test and told us he didn't pass. Little did he know that his teacher had already called to congratulate us. So when Jibran told us that he did not clear his test we were very encouraging and supportive, saying all the appropriate consoling stuff etc. And then at dinner he was shocked to see the cake at the table ! We are so very proud of you, Jibran. Keep up the good work , Baby! It is a huge achievement to pass the black belt test at age 10. You make so proud!