Friday, February 10, 2006

Not much news on the crochet front.These are some yarn and thread I got last week. The threads or lets say twine....they are actually nylon twine , I got for making purses. I got two skeins ofr a friend and other two for my self. Has anybody seen these before? I'd love to know what else can these be used for. I've made a purse with this before and it turned out pretty nice. But I'd like to try different things too.
I got these yarn skeins too. They are called Halcyon and are 100% acrylic. Has anybody seen these anywhere before? Its one of the better yarns we get out here ...probably the best and in good colours too, usually pastel. Its got little sparkly stuff in it. I find it a little irritating to my skin but then it could be because I've got very sensitive skin . It's always natural fibres for me.
The yarn is for making a scarf for my cousin. I'm working on my own pattern for this one. She wanys a scarf witha hat attached to it ...not a hooded scarf .Since I cannot find any pattern for this I've decided to design it myself. Hope it goes well.....for her sake! I'm working on a simple cluster design pattern and its turning out really soft and lush. I'll post pictures as soon as I am done.
Monday , being the snowflake day, I got mine done but havent blocked it out yet. Will do so, soon, I hope.

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