Monday, December 11, 2006

Shower Curtain Valance
Lastly, the contest motif which has finally taken shape into the finished product.

The rest of the things

Toilet roll holder

The close up

The bathmat

Close up of the bath mat

Toilet tank Topper

Toilet lid cover

Toilet mat

And I 'd like to thank Shaheen and Sameeha ,without their support I'd not have completed this project.They actually did a crochet along with me throughout the entire project.

Arabian Bathroom Decor

This is the projects that has been keeping my hooks smoking all these days. It's a whole big set :
1. Dustbin cover
2. Soap dispenser cover
3. Trinket box cover
4. Towel Edgings
5. Bath mat
6. Toilet mat
7. Tank topper
8. Tissue box holder
9. Toilet roll holder
10. Shower curtain valance

More pictures to follow ...I warned you it would be picture heavy post :)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tops for the Twins

As promised , here I am with the pictures of my projects. The internet server has been acting funny for the past two days so you are going to have picture heavy posts. The pink top , I call, Baby doll. It's not much of an original pattern but I made it withput following any pattern. Does that make it my own pattern, I wonder ?
Ice Ice baby is what I call the Blue top. This too is made on my own without following a pattern but inspired by so many tops I've seen online. So I can hardly call this one an original. I love the flowers on it. Now these are my original designs :).

And here is the close up of the tops so that you can see the pattern stiches and the flowers. The twins loved the top and their mom too. I used Anchor Knitting cotton thread and I must say that it's one of the best threads I've used for baby clothes . Really soft and lovely.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Update !
I don't think I have crocheted so much and so fast all my life .....but this deadline thing gets you moving ! My deadline is 11th Dec. I have to finish off the assigned projects and hand them over to the recipents and be off to my vacation! Wow! I can hardly wait ....I need a beak !
1. Little Girl dress for a friend's daughter.
2. A diaper bag
3. A tissue box cover
4. Soap dispenser cover
5. Toothbrush holder cover
6. Trinket Box cover
7. One top for twin girls
8. Mesh cap
9. Project for Christmas competition
10. A top for the other other twin girl
11. Dustbin cover
12. Bathroom mat
13. Floor mat
14. Toilet tank topper
15. Toilet lid cover
16. Toilet Roll holder
17. A scarf and hat set

1. Edgings for towels
2. Motifs for a shower curtain
3. Cushion covers

1. Beautiful coasters by Mimi
2. Fat bottom purse - only if I can manage to get the handles

I hope too that like Pearlin , I too can step into the New Year guilt free of any UFOs lurking behind.
I know , many of you would like pictures here but believe me with all this race against time , I haven't taken any pictures yet. But I promise you a whole load of Picture posts very , very soon!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Contest Winner

And the winners are : Kimberly and Judy B.

Congratulations to the winners ! The motif is for curtain valance. Actually it's for a shower curtain. Kimberely ( no, you don't stink at guessing at all - see?? ) was first to guess that the motif for a curtain and then just after her , Judy guessed the shower curtain accurately. So I think they are both right and both winners.
And I'd like to thank all of the wonderful ladies for visiting my blog and being such good sports. I actually got see many more bogs and enjoyed everyone of them. Thank you all for making this so much fun.
I'm still working on the shower curtain valance. I'll post the picture in a couple of days as soon as I finish it.