Tuesday, February 28, 2006

There goes ...such a bummer! The photos won't upload!!!!!! How much can I take??? Well I'll be trying again again!! Photobucket is not cooperating at all...well, atleast I have another album. Here is the link..

Crochet Olympic pictures

These are the pictures of my crochet Olympic project. Did I say I had hurdles earlier? Well it seems the hurdles story continues! So what do you think?


Mimi said...

Congratulations, Yasmin! The baby set is very pretty!!! Nice color combination. I also like the rosebuds design...did you write down the pattern?

Yasmin said...

Mimi , so glad you liked the sweater set. I did not write down the I was already late in starting it , there was no time to. Usually , I just go along and adjust according to how I want. This involves some frogging too, a lot , sometimes.

Ulla said...

Congratulations from Sweden to the "Gold Medal" on Crochet.

Oh this is a lovely set for a little girl.

Ulla in the north of Sweden

goldi said...

Wonderful job on that baby set - I love that sweater, Yasmin! And the turtle is absolutely adorable! Congrats on a job well done! Sorry to hear you're having challenges getting your photos to upload in photobucket, hopefully things will smooth out for you soon.