Thursday, June 28, 2007

It has been a productive month :)
I have many Fo to show. On theknitting front too I've couple of projects done and I 'm trying to learn new stitches. Quite a few knitted squares are already complete.
As always, making baby clothes makes me very happy ....I wonder why? It just feels so wonderful to make cute little things for tiny little ones. Anyways, here is the latest set:

I was in love with this layette at first sight. It's just too cute and has turned out pretty niceas well. The pattern is called 'Say it Flowers' designed by Sandra Abbate. There was a little jacket to go with it but it's too hot out here for that so I skipped it. And here you are , the pictures individually. The dress:
The Bonnet: I love the open circular part at the back of the bonnet. And the Huge Bow.

And my personal favourite - the booties!!!

I could not resist adding on a Bottle cover :) !!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Russian Doily
Looks like the doily mode still persists ....another two on the hooks right now!! This is a Russian pattern from a chart. It was a lovely pattern to work. Turned out big ....quite big since I used thread size 10. But I'm happy with the way it turned out. I love working with charts ....simple and clear.

And a close up of the doily:

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Little bit of Crochet
A little beanie to go with the knit booties I made earlier. A little blankie would have been a perfect thing to go with it but I'm short of yarn. This little set is going be added to the stack of : Things for charity. I intend on making another one - if there is enough yarn , for a gift too.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm on a roll

Did I tell you I'm back in the doily mode? Well, it helps me in between the! I'm still working hard at learning to knit. Ofcourse this is a simple doily and keeps me sane when I lose patience with myself ! I had wanted to add on beads to it but remembered too late. Maybe the next one I try will be beaded. This one is called Ruffled Pineapple doily, a free online pattern that I had printed off long back.It's done with Red heart thread - the size was not mentioned on the package and it looks bigger than size 20 but smaller than size 10. Hmmmmm.......what would that be ? Anyone with any ideas about this? Out here we don't have any sizes mentioned on the threads and their labels. Very frustrating thing because I once used size 10 for a doily that actually needed size 20 and the resulting doily turned out to a tabble topper!!!! Really BIG !

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A new Contest
Sara is having a cool contest . Check it out - Summer of givin' . Don't forget to mention that I sent you over :).
Antique Looking Glass Doily
I promised the pictures of my crochet projects that kept me sane and busy during the moving.

And here in a different angle...just experimenting on the picture a little lol!!

This was a doily done as a CAL in one of the groups. It was fun to do project. The doily measures about 12.5 inches across. I've used Omega mercerised cotton thread in size 10. The thred is real nice for coasters but it feels heavy for doilies. The colouway is a rusty orange/ peach. And it turned out to be a proper square too.
The pattern was easy enough but when it's ADD in full bloom you can still make mistakes:). Yes there is a mistake in this one ....only one ,I think and I tried to repair it while working on it.Think you can spot it? And here's a close up to make it easier.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

My First Pair of KNIT Booties !!!

You read that right , they are 'knit' booties !!! And I Knit them myself - no matter that the pattern was in super easy, beginner category , but that's not important. It's the first knit project that I actually enjoyed.

I came across this pattern at Kathy's Blog. And it's free too - from the Bernat site. I've been trying to knit on and off for sometime now and don't find myself so attached to the knitting project and get bored easily. I tried making a shawl in garter stitch and gave up in frustration and turned it into a bag instead! It was just too boring for me to knit a long scarf in garter stitch with fingering yarn.

Then this pattern gave me my favourite motivation...a baby pattern. I love doing baby stuff and making these booties was so easy and quick! I think I'll try learning knitting with baby patterns. That'll keep me happy and learning. And also give some quick results.Instant gratification...mmm...I love it!

I'm thinking of making one more pair for the charity project that I'm working on. And some beanies to go with it. More to come on the knitting scene.

Happy Birthday to my Little Man!!!

This friday on 8th of June , my baby turned Five years old. And Boy! Is he proud to grow up!!! Yes, and until today I wasn't allowed by the birthday boy to go online. It was one of his many birthday wishes (lol...there are loads of those , believe me!!) Some of his wishes include driving a sports car, meeting real dinosaurs, flying with Superman......etc ..etc.
Here he is trying his best to look serious......and composed !
We gave him a little surprise as soon as he woke up with cake and gifts and his best buddy too was there. Needless to say, he was thrilled to bits. They had a great time playing together the whole morning and the rest of the day was spent at the birthday boy's service and command. Since he got everything done the way he wanted, and we went to all the places he wanted to he had a wonderful time and so did we. There were a lot of parks , play areas and the Zoo- ofcourse ! All in all, it was fun day for everyone. And the best part- he looked all smug and amused and kept saying I love this Birthday . Even in sleep he was smiling and saying ' Nice Birthday !'.
There standing together with his best buddy Abhimanyu.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Knit Baby , Knit !
Yes, I have not given up on knitting yet. I might do much of it but learn I will. I have a few small projects completed but the finishing is still to be done.and I am currently working on a pair of little booties for new borns. This will go towards to charity project I'm working at. So be warned my dear blog friends who knit, I'm going to drive you nuts asking for help when I'm stuck! LOl....remember we are community that love to help each other with our crafts???
For those of you interested to know , I'm working on the free pattern on the Bernat site for knitted booties with Bernat Organic Cotton yarn. Ofcourse, I cannot even dream to get that yarn here , I'm working with with some local unlabelled yarn which looks very pretty and has a lovely glow to it.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Mmmmmmm .........CHAAT!

Some my fellow blogger freinds are interested in knowing more about Chaat. So here you go Sue, Mimi and Pearlin.....

Chaat is the darling of Indian food. It is the local treats you get in every nook and corner in India and even abroad where the Indian crowd would hang out. It's mouth watering, light , vegetarian, spicy snacks. You can them at home too but it doesn't beat the taste of the ones you get outside. Sue, if you decide to try out the Chaat house, I have to warn you that this is very spicy stuff that we are talking about here and so totally Indian.

Dubai is another place outside India that you get fantastic Indian food and super duper Chaat as well. I try to get a bite everytime I go there. Dh isn't too fond of it though........he's a through and through non- veggie. My favourites are

*Pani Puri - little round thin and crispy ball like wafers filled with little beans and spices and chutneys and the watery sauce.And then there are more favourites like Sev Puri , Dahi puri, Raj Kachori , Vada Pav , Pav bhaji, Bhel, Aloo chaat , Dahi vada, Chole, Ragra Pattis etc.....Ooooh mouth watering!!! But if you are not an Indian all these would sound like some tongue twisters!
Here is a link with really nice recipes for Indian Chaat. I'm off to whip up one of these
Yummy Chaat

Saturday, June 02, 2007