Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Step one - Knit

    Yes here is the laughs I promised!!! This is my first step ...knit, knit , knit! It's a a swatch done with just knit every stitch. And yes I learnt to bind off as well. Not at all neat but I didnt miss or drop any stitch . All I dropped was the knitting needle once in a while.
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         And this next picture is the swatch of all purl stitch. This seemed easier to do! I wonder why? This one is slightly bigger and I learnt to bind off in purl stitch on this one .

          There is one thing I dont understand...both the knit swatch and the purl swatch look the same when you see it. Is this how it should be or have I messed up? And another thing I cannot figure out which is the back and which is the front!!!!

          Maybe now I'll tackle a simple pattern for beginners with just these stitches to apply. Well, more laughs , I guess. So watch out.

           Did I also tell u I knit awfully slow? I had to curb the need to grab a hook !


Mimi said...

Yay, you're knitting! Actually as I mentioned, I've forgotten everything so I have to go back to the basics next time I knit. I'll not start now to learn to cast on because I might forget that I still have crochet patterns to write ;)

Manasi said...

So now you are into knitting! Awesome, join the club! Your swatches look good, you seem to have set your heart on it. A lot of people find purling tougher....
Good job!

Yasmin said...

Mimi,Thanks for encouraging. But I'm sure if you it knew knitting earlier , all you'll need is just some refreshing. Yes, I'm looking forward to seeing you crochet patterns. Eagerly!

Thank Manasi! Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comment. Good to know that you think I'm doing it right.Yay!

Raquel said...

Hey Yas that looks many times better than the knitting you showed at the Multiply site you had before,Great job girlfriend.!!!!