Sunday, April 30, 2006


I've not forgotten about it at all. And I do have my projects for the month of April , done in ORANGE all ready for display. Since this is not one of my frequently used colours , I did find it difficult to choose projects for these colours which would appeal to me.
This is again another one of my own super easy designs . One of these days I"m going to add patterns to the blog as well. Well, I could try !!!

How can I not do a thread job whenever I work with yarn???? I just have to do some thread after and during any yarn project. Here is the lovely bookmark I came across at CROCHETVILLE (linked to at the bottom left of the blog).

OK ! I have no idea why the pictures are all showing up in odd places ...that is not where I intended to keep them.But oh well!!! Blogger has it's own mind sometimes .


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bookmark, Yasmin! You're thread work is so nice. The little bag is so cute! Did you add the beads later? Very clever.
A note on pictures: blogger just adds pictures to the top of the page. In order to get my pics where I want them, I load the pics in reverse order first, then add my text. Then they'll be where I want them. :)

Yasmin said...

Thanx Sue! That is very helpful. Now I know how I can have my pictures in proper place. lol!
I strung on the beads before starting the pouch...too lazy to add on beads to a finished projects.

Mimi said...

Beaded bag is so cute Yasmin! And of course the popular fan bookmark you made is very pretty!

Free Time Crocheter said...

Lovely bag - looks more peach than orange. I really like the beading.

Vims said...

what a lovely beaded bag and bookmark yasmin!!! very very pretty as always.

Manasi said...

Hi Yasmin,
That's a lovely bookmark, and what an adorable beaded bag!
I am trying to learn crochet with some success, still practicing the stiches. One of these days, I need to get the pattern for the bag from you, and maybe I can try it ;)

Vik said...

Hi Yasmin, I love the little bag with beads! It´s so cute!
I saw that bookmark´s pattern at Crochetville too, I´ll try it when I finish my current Wips!

Yasmin said...

Thanx you all for your wonderful comments. the bag is a super simple pattern ...I'll post it once I get down to writing it.
Manasi, good luck with the crocheting..I know you'll do fine . And I hope I'll write out that little pattern soon.

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