Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm still Knitting !

And here is the prrof. Yes ,with everything that been going on......I've still been knitting( I havent given up ). I'm really slow but doing it steadily. Remember I showed my efforts last time here, it has now grown to become a completed project. It is now officially a baby bib, very basic ,ofcourse. The picture looks more like a purse.....maybe if I can find a cute enough botton for the tie up, it might look more like a bib. Or may be I could add some emblishment ???


Mimi said...

Yasmin, I really thought it was a purse before I read about it. I was even thinking, you're not a beginner at all and have made a purse! :D But the bib is something too, you're really knitting, congratulations!

Vims said...

wow Yasmin!!! you have progressed and I am yet to pick up my needles!!! I am so caught up in crochet:) one of these days for sure!!