Saturday, April 15, 2006

Knitting Project 1

                    Learning is a continuous process, they say. Well, here is the continuation to my learning process on Knitting. This is my latest update  : swatch # 3 done in all purl stitch(every row). This is going to be my first project....ofcourse there is no pattern..not yet. I'ts almost a square . I'll figure out what to do with it, I hope. Now , for those of you who wonder why I'm not making a beginners small projest like a dish cloth ...We do not get cotton yarn here. Just fine threads and acrylic yarns( very limited variety) is what I have access to.

                   Doesn't this look better than the earlier attempts? Atleast the stitches are  getting even now.....but not very smooth! I wonder why. I seem to get the stitches done very comfortably now. But I guess I'll need more practice to get the tension right . Image hosting by Photobucket

                    And here is the close up of the stitches. They look much better now! I think. Anyways ,I'll keep trying and probably one day I just might be good and be able to tackle all those gorgeous patterns I see online. Until then , for me , it'll be try , try, try and try !


Mimi said...

That looks so fine, Yasmin! What size thread and needles did you use?
You know I attempted to make a top even if my stitches were not as even as yours, then when it comes to increase or decrease, that's the only time I tried to learn it. So maybe, learn some ribbing, and you can start to make your own top!

Yasmin said...

Really? You think so? Thanks. I used Inox needles, size 3mm and fimgering yarn. Wow! the idea of making a top right awaysounds so interesting! Mmmmmm...

Manasi said...

Now that you can knit and purl, try to knit one row and purl the next one and check out the lovely pattern that forms, its called the "Stockinette Stictch".
One other tip is use fatter needles as you are learning and it will be a lot easier. Try to keep the tension even as you knit.