Saturday, March 11, 2006

My oldest WIP finished!!! I am so relieved. After a long wait, finally,I got it blocked and the picture uploaded ! I think I deserve a treat for this . Okay, I know thw blocking isnt that great but it was too big to block with pins so I just sprayed it with starch and shaped it as it was drying on the dining table.
Its called Rose and Pineapple Doily. The doily is about 80 cms in diameter. I used pearle cotton and hook size 1.25mm. The original pattern says it will be 19" in diameter I dont know how mine turned out so much bigger!!!!
Well, I can say this probably is the biggest doily I ever made and will ever make. But it's a great feeling to have your oldest WIP on your FO list . Yay!


Raquel said...

WOW !!!!Yas that is a true piece of art.Love it love it love it!!!!Wonderful job again !!!

Raquel said...

Do tell what colours you have used please?Looks like varigated thread .

Yasmin said...

Thanx Raquel! I'm glad you liked it! Even I like it now! The colours are two shades of peach and dusty rose....I have not used varigated thread at all. The picture shows it differently, I guess.

Ulla said...

Dear Yasmin

Wonderful.Just so fantastic.

Ulla in the north of Sweden

Mimi said...

Its really beautiful, Yasmin! I also love the color combination, looks so elegant!

Justine said...

This is such a fine work. Compliments!!!