Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's done !

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It is noe finally all done . This is how it looks without any add ons. And then here it is with a rose. It's spring theme , right, so a flower blooms.

                   So what do you say, is it okay to send it for the contest? I know it's not a big designing effort , just a simple bag. But I think like it ! Makes me wonder if there would be any votes on it  though!!!!!

             I have my thread entry ready too , it was done before I started working on this bag .....but it  still needs the finishing to be done!!!! I need to do it soon....I do tend to keep these things pending.  


Raquel said...

wow!!!its so pretty !!!I love it with a flower on!!!! Love the colours.

Mimi said...

Its very cute, Yasmin! I love the bobble stitches, the color and the flower on it. It gets my vote =)

Ulla said...

What a lovely spring surprise.

I was so inspired of your choice of colours so now I'm doing blocks in the same ´choice of colours

Yasmin said...

So glad you all liked it. I entered it in the contest so lets see how it is received. Thanx for the kind words. You gals motivate me so much.
Ulla, I'd love to see those blocks. Is it a spring project? Crochet or quliting?

Tandi said...

What a cute little bag! Love the rose!