Saturday, March 04, 2006

  Here is the bookmark that I was making for my son's teacher. Its from the book Unique bookmarks. It's called Violets in lace. Actually the border is not the same ..I just like to make changes here and there.



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Mimi said...

Yas, that looks so special! Such a lovely bookmark!

Anonymous said...

That's so pretty! Lovely colors!

Ulla said...

´What a lovely bookmark.It's very nice to have the oppotunity to change a little and this seems to be very good one.

Have a nice weekend
Ulla in the north of Sweden

Raquel said...

Lovely Yas as always!!!That bookmark is one I 've been planning to make too!!!
Miss u gal

Norah said...

That's so beautiful. I have that on my "To Do" list for someday. Your crochet work is gorgeous.

Norah in Seattle, WA, USA