Monday, March 06, 2006

Here is my first blocked snowflake for monday. There are about 5 more that are yet to be blocked. You cannot make out in the picture ...I've used white thread with silver streaks. Gives a shimmering look to the snowflake, which ofcourse , is totally absent in the picture!!! The thread is so pretty. Again, another nameless thread in a cone , I bought in Bangalore last year. This is a lovely thread to work with and starches well too.
And this is yet another bell from the same thread. My own pattern...just fooloing around while watching T.V.
And some good news on the WIP front. I have a new FO to my list .I have finally finished the WIP centre peice . I cannot believe how relieved I am. I still have to wash and block it. It's huge ..I might need to use my bed for blocking it. But it does look pretty!! I'm glad I'm finished with my oldest WIP. Well, many more WIPs to go, I know, ...but I'm getting there. Finally, decided what I am going to make for the contest in the thread department( yarn project is still undecided....I wonder if I will enter in the yarn contest afterall !) I'll be getting all the ,aterials in order and start working on it tonight.


Mimi said...

That snowflake is so wonderful to look at! Nice work, Yasmin! (I can see the shimmer on the bell :)

Ulla said...

What a lovely snowflake.It reminds me that I have to do one too because I do one almost every Monday.

Have a nice day
Ulla in the north of Sweden

Raquel said...

thats a dainty snowflake Yas!!!!havn't had the motivation to block mine yet,but will do so soon.
And the bell is also very cute.
Yea I can see the shimmer in the bell.Looks so pretty .

Yasmin said...

Thank you ! You girls are the sweetest ....keeps me going. Want to put up more stuff now.

Anonymous said...

The snowflake and bell are darling! Nice job!! How clever to use shimmery thread. :)