Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yet another one
I call this Snow Lace Doily. This is another one of my attempts at designing doilies from simple motifs. This is going to be a tray doily for a friend. I hope she like it. I've used Aunt Lydia's size 10 thread... and I'm feeling bad that now it's almost over!I must say , I love working with this thread. And made the most of it while it lasted. I used it for some of my best projects.Anyways, here is the picture of the doily-

I have been visiting a lot of food and recipes blogs lately. And Wow! there are some amazing blogs out there. I'm getting interested in cooking all over again. I enjoy cooking but at times lose interest in the daily mundane cooking! All these new recipes are tempting me to experiment. So don't be surprised to read about food stuff out here!
While I've been checking out stuff ( especially since Ravelry is blocked- don't want ot talk abt this makes me very upset!),I'm also doing my favourite pass time - checking out all the new crochet/ knitting supplies online and drooling over them.And basically envying anybody in blogland who mentions new acquisitions like yarn, hooks, accessories etc. My target today has been Amazon and it's been amazing !!! It's unbelievable the amount of things available and to think of it you don't get any of the stuff out here. It's not surprising as crafting is really not too popular out here. But the good news is things are changing and I now find a few crocheter/ knitters who blog and live in UAE. That has been great I just hope someday we can work out some kind of arrangement or get together for all of us. I'm hoping!!


purl said...

That is very pretty Yasmin.I'm sure your friend will like it.
Aunt Lydia is my fav too.Ditto ditto on using it for the best projects and feeling sad when it gets over.
So you are going to blog your fav recipes too? That would be wonderful Yas :)))

Ulla said...

What a great lace really reminding of the white snow stars in wintertime.

Have a nice crochet time.Ulla

Preeti said...

Yet another winner!! Great job on this doily Yasmin!!

Yasmin said...

Thank you Purl, Ulla and preeti. You kind words keep me motivated to try my hand at designing.

Anonymous said...

Love the doily! You sure have a knack at designing them. Keep it up!
Hope you have a wonderful week!!!!
~Your mania secret pal

Yasmin said...

Thank you secret pal! It's sweet of you to keep in touch with me regularly.I'm so enjoying this.