Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Doilies to show

I've been crocheting like there is some kind of race going on ....Is this what happens before you get a burnout? You go on crocheting like crazy and have a dozen more projects to work up next until eventually to end up having a crochet breakdown. I've seen many of my blog friends go through this and I hope I don't end up in a slump! Though right now every single minute I'm fighting the urge to pick up the hook.
Anyhoos, here is my latest doily. I have seen dozens of motifs looking like this and whipped up this one based on those. The rest is just a matter of putting them together and giving it an edging! So can I say I designed it myself ...I wonder!

This one next is based on a pattern stitch I really like. I've seen this stitch used on various garments, shawls and tops etc. I wanted to experiment it on a doily - more like a tray cloth.Hmmm... I had wanted to give it a frilly edging but ran out of thread :(. And you know by now ....that I have to improvise in such circumstances as there is absolutely no chance what so ever to be able to get that thread here.

There's more to show don't forget to check back!


Anonymous said...

WOW Yasmin, you've been soooo productive and really pretty stuff.I like the tray cloth very much.
I love that pattern stitch too, no surprise huh?

Anonymous said...

They're both gorgeous! The stitch in the second one, it's called spider web, I think. I used it for a runner once. Quite fun to do.
I'm always afraid to take up motif patterns, because I know I'll make two then lose interest totally! All those ends to weave in and the joining to do! *shudder*

eSS said...

Another set of beautiful doilies Yasmin. Well Done and Congrats.
Take Care

Anonymous said...

Beautiful doilies!
Hope you're having a great week!

Preeti said...

Pretty doilies, Yasmin:) I hope that you will continue with your current crocheting pace and show us with all your lovely pieces - please don't lose your crochet mojo, we want to see more:):)

Mimi said...

Those are pretty, and I'm glad you're using size 10 thread! As for me I usually use size 8, since the size 10 is more expensive here. But then there's little difference in size, and I can use the same design and pattern.
I do think you've designed it yourself, Yasmin. That's how I see some designs by even some popular designers. For instance, the spider stitch was used to create a cardigan and one as a stole, and I think there is also a shrug... Many stitch patterns are out there, but its how you use it to make something, that turns out to be your design. Just my thoughts ;)