Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More to show
I know my blog posts are coming in slow these days. The weird reason being that I'm getting more crochet done and that's why I lose out on Blogging time. This one is new for me ....I'm more used to spending more time on PC drooling over patterns and supplies and yarn rather than actually crocheting!
This is a chair caddy done as one of the quick results projects. It's a quick and easy pattern. I'd say a good one beginners. And real handy too.It's already made it's home on my arm chair and has begun it's loyal service as well.

And now for the goodies. Kids have their own set of logic and reasons and nothing said can change that. Sometimes I'm at a loss of words and shamefully resort to treats!! So when faced with a tough situation : A donut does the trick , at least for now! What would we do n a world without donuts and chocolates?

Jibbs loved the chair caddy and has decided to make one himself. Of course, that means he will learn to crochet and he wants to learn so badly. I've tried explaining to him that 5 years is to young for this but then like I said : they have their own logic! He says , if he is old enough to make his own bed then he is old enough to crochet! Besides, I know he loves to play around with my hooks! I find the missing ones in his stuff. The little fella has begun to make his claim on my yarn too lately...I'm not sure this mommy wants to share!!! I'm very possessive about my hooks , yarn and threads....after all we don't get them here!


Anonymous said...

Cute, both the caddy and your son.
I know what you mean about them wanting to crochet. I've been through that with my child. hmmmm.... that gives me an idea....

I hope you are doing well. I have been slowly gathering things and working on your box. Due to postage and distance/time I am going to send one box to you.
I hope that I can fill it with goodies to make your day and spoil you.

Your CM secret pal

Yasmin said...

Hey Secret Pal,
Have you any idea how the excitement is building up here? Ofcourse being international shipping , I know the postage is really high.I'm eagerly waiting to know you!!

Preeti said...

Look at that adorable, chocolate smeared face:) The caddy is looking cute especially with the little flower (I'm a sucker for flowers!). BTW Happy Belated Mother' Day!

Mimi said...

Wow, you've been busy! I love the flower accent!

Oh, that would be hard to fight for your yarn and hooks with a determined 5 yr. old ;) I know this is a difficult task for mothers, I've been there. Maybe try to divert his attention to a sports hobby?...

Charmaine said...

I think that is so adorable that your son wants to crochet! It means that he wants to be like you. You should get him one of those knitting doll things where you knit a long skinny endless tube. No needles or hooks required. They are great for kids.