Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A few of my crocheted things

It's not cold out here at all , in fact summer is in full glory and yet I have afghans to show!! Ironic , but that's how it is ! This an afghan I finished recently for a friend. It's a basic granny pattern and worked up in a Jiffy.So I really enjoyed it except for feeling very hot while I had to have it on lap. Thank goodness for Central air conditioning !

And then matching pillows ,of course ,follow. This one is called charming clusters. And it worked like a charm!

I've worked with the same yarn as the previous floral buttoned pillow and the same King Cole Magnum chunky yarn.The pillow measures about 16 inches and the afghan is about 63 inches.
One thing I learnt in this project is that making afghans is not at all bad and can be quite fun too. If you know me , you'd know how I run away from making afghans. I guess it stems from the shortage of yarns and threads out here. And prefer to make full use of it! And the amount of yarn needed for an afghan actually scares me! And chunky is not my favourite type of yarn still looks and feels great for afghans. Now that's a whole lot of Ands....
Another yarn project finished recently is a an apple coaster - but since I used really thick yarn it's more of a potholder!

Not that I'm complaining , who doesn't need yet another potholder? I like to make a bunch of these as gifts. My friends appreciate it and i gives me the excuse to make more;).


eSS said...

Very beautiful Yasmin. Good work !!!

Preeti said...

That's a huge afghan and I'm sure your friend will love snuggling up in it! Lovely work as usual on all the crochet things:)

I hear you about the central air-con without which I would be sitting in some corner chewing my hair unable to work on my yarny projects!!!

Anonymous said...

Everything is gorgeous!
I love the pillows. And of course, you can never have too many potholders.

Have a great week

- your CM secret Pal

Mimi said...

I love the granny ghan! You have lovely projects, you make them up so fast!

Charmaine said...

I hear you on the A/C. I think I actually get more knitting done during the summer here. Weird, but I am not complaining. I love the apple as either a coaster or potholder! Lovely work as usual.

Yasmin said...

Thank you for those wonderful words. You gals are the sweetest.
Charmaine , I too can get more things done in summer. I guess it's the intense summer that keeps us indoors most of the season.
CM secret pal, I'm woprking on trying to track you down!! lol..