Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April Showers !
Where are they? There aren't any rains out here and looks like summer has made an early start this year.My poor plants are already suffering the heat and it is showing too ( this could also be the results of poor gardening skills!)
I came across a nice Give Away at Ana's blog of Lullabies and lace. It's her 400 th post - Do drop in and check out her blog . She is a very creative woman and I so enjoy her blog and love to see her various projects in crochet and sewing and other crafts too. She has some really gorgeous patterns on her site.

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Ulla said...

Wellcome back .

Time goes by and it's so nice to find you again bloggimg and writing about your plants.Where I am the snow is falling down and we still haven't started gardening.In June I think it's perfect.What a different world we live in.
have a nice weekend