Monday, April 07, 2008


This is just off my hooks! The latest project. It's for a friend and this time I got the picture before giving it away !! Learning from experience. It's one of those urgent requests and I hope it get to her in time and that she likes it.
For those of you interested to know the details : I've used Aunt Lydia's thread -white- size 10. And the inner lining is done in white silk. Yes , stitched by my own self!!! This time the pattern too is an original -right to the stitch pattern!! Oh yes, how much original can you get in making a cushion??? ;) !
And now for the Ranting part of the story.....I'm really mad at Aramex courier service. Since this was a top urgently required item I had been after these guys to collect it from me and deliver it to Dubai ( which happens to be merely 1 and half hour drive from here !!!! ) and after stalling me for a whole day , now they tell me it cannot be delivered by tonight !! And what's worse they cannot be sure whether they can deliver it by tomorrow evening. Ofcourse I get all mad and worked up and ask them what I can do? And would you believe it ...they ask to lodge a complaint!!!Ah intelligent , like that would get my package there. I'm so MAD right now and sorry too for ranting on and on out here but those of you thinking of using Aramex -think again. I'd say stay away.


Anonymous said...

You did a beautiful job on the Ring Bearer's pillow -- I'm sure your friend will love it!

Vik said...

Super delicate, Yasmin! Great job!

Yasmin said...

Thankyou Vik and Dee for your kind words! I love working on delicate stuff.
Thanks for visiting me Dee ! I loved making this project as I had to really work hard to make do do with materials on hand as things are not easily available out here. And the deadline was way too close.
I finally managed to deliver this on time ...that was the best part!!

purl said...

Cute pillow Yasmin.

Yasmin said...

Thank you, Purl and thanks for visiting me.

Charmaine said...

Oooh, sweet pillow Yasmin! Very clever.