Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Absolutely no excuses for it - I've been neglecting my poor poor blog lately to the point that it has begun to shrivel up and dry just like my balcony garden! I've not been neglecting my garden but the dry summer wind is to be blamed. I haven't given up - atleast not yet!
Things have been moving very fast and life is very happening at the moment , thankfully all good stuff. Looks like a week from now I'll be having some free time to be online more often.
I've been crocheting away like a nut but I cannot put up the pictures out here yet. These are surprise gifts , don't want to ruin it ! I've been reading a lot too lately.A whole of Erma Bombeck . I think she was one of the greatest writers ever!I've been reading her books since my teens and everytime I get a wonderful feeling reading it.


Mimi said...

Hi Yasmin,
I haven't mailed, but will do so in the next week or thereabouts...I'll let you know.

Charmaine said...

Looking forward to seeing those photos!

Vik said...

I´m glad to know you´re all right!

Yasmin said...

Charmaine , Vik , and Mimi,good to see that I have you guys checking out on me. Feels so good.I was wondering hwther I have any visitors around here anymore. Thanks for making my day :).Those pictures will be up ASAP!!
Mimi, no hurry ...take your own time . I, of all the people , understand how things get at times.