Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pineapple Soap Sachet

Latest project off my hook! This a real quickie and pretty cute to make too. So I ended up making two. I'm planning on making more of these for gifts. I love the smell of soap in my cupboards. You'll find many of these tucked away in all the various rooms in my house ...I know it's weird but then I told you I love the smell of some soaps. Since I have extremely sensitive skin and I cannot use them, I use them to keep my clothes and towels fragrant!
The pattern is not all that well written. I had to rewrite it to make it easily understandable . This one was worked as a thread special project with a friend. I also like to call it my stash buster project. I used up my scrap threads!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful..neat perfect stitches andlove your colour choices too

Val said...

Not only is it beautiful, but using soap instead of potpourri is a very cool idea!

Preeti said...

Absolutely adorable and what a nifty way to use up stash! Love the colour of the thread you used.

Pearlin said...

hehehe Yas would you believe I chose the same colour too!!!! Its so pretty .Now I can make it .Thank you for working so fast on it.

Anonymous said...

very pretty.. color is gorgeous. I would much rather have soap in my closets that Potpourri.. sometimes they are so strong, unlike soap..

Yasmin said...

Thankyou for your kind comments. Jaishree the project was your choice , cant wait to see your take on it.
Thanks for visiting me, Val. I love soap - anyday better than potpourri- which usually stains clothes when in direct contact.
Preeti, I love these colours too and who wouldn't love it if we use scraps? I'm glad you like it. Maybe we'll get to see a knit version ? who know ...maybe you can help me knit a soap satchet.
Pearlin, why am I not surprised that we'd end up choosing the same colour??? lol...isn't it uncanny that it always happens that way. We've done way too many projects ending up using the same colour!
Thank you, Anonymous! Although I wish I knew you:). I'm glad you like it and agree about the soap over the potpourri! Didn't you post here earlier too ? And I was hoping I knew who you were;).

Anonymous said...

I am monique39 at mania .. I didn't know how else to comment on here..I wish I could! M

Yasmin said...

Thanks for solving the mystery, Monique. And thankyou for visiting me. I'll catch you at mania!