Sunday, June 03, 2007

Mmmmmmm .........CHAAT!

Some my fellow blogger freinds are interested in knowing more about Chaat. So here you go Sue, Mimi and Pearlin.....

Chaat is the darling of Indian food. It is the local treats you get in every nook and corner in India and even abroad where the Indian crowd would hang out. It's mouth watering, light , vegetarian, spicy snacks. You can them at home too but it doesn't beat the taste of the ones you get outside. Sue, if you decide to try out the Chaat house, I have to warn you that this is very spicy stuff that we are talking about here and so totally Indian.

Dubai is another place outside India that you get fantastic Indian food and super duper Chaat as well. I try to get a bite everytime I go there. Dh isn't too fond of it though........he's a through and through non- veggie. My favourites are

*Pani Puri - little round thin and crispy ball like wafers filled with little beans and spices and chutneys and the watery sauce.And then there are more favourites like Sev Puri , Dahi puri, Raj Kachori , Vada Pav , Pav bhaji, Bhel, Aloo chaat , Dahi vada, Chole, Ragra Pattis etc.....Ooooh mouth watering!!! But if you are not an Indian all these would sound like some tongue twisters!
Here is a link with really nice recipes for Indian Chaat. I'm off to whip up one of these
Yummy Chaat


Mimi said...

Hmm...sounds yummy, but I would prefer if it isn't spicy hot. It looks time consuming to prepare too, though I love veggies, and I cook chili con carne with chopped onions, tomatoes, bell peppers ;)

Pearlin said...

thanks for that link sweetheart!I am gonna try one of those too. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warning! There is a big Indian population here so the food is 6-alarm spicy. And thanks for the post, now I know. The American french fry is similar to chaat snacks - you can make them at home but nothing beats the crispy fries you can get at hamburger joint. Yum!