Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm on a roll

Did I tell you I'm back in the doily mode? Well, it helps me in between the! I'm still working hard at learning to knit. Ofcourse this is a simple doily and keeps me sane when I lose patience with myself ! I had wanted to add on beads to it but remembered too late. Maybe the next one I try will be beaded. This one is called Ruffled Pineapple doily, a free online pattern that I had printed off long back.It's done with Red heart thread - the size was not mentioned on the package and it looks bigger than size 20 but smaller than size 10. Hmmmmm.......what would that be ? Anyone with any ideas about this? Out here we don't have any sizes mentioned on the threads and their labels. Very frustrating thing because I once used size 10 for a doily that actually needed size 20 and the resulting doily turned out to a tabble topper!!!! Really BIG !


Tandi said...

Gorgeous! You do such amazing lace work!

Mimi said...

Your doilies are elegant!