Monday, June 04, 2007

Knit Baby , Knit !
Yes, I have not given up on knitting yet. I might do much of it but learn I will. I have a few small projects completed but the finishing is still to be done.and I am currently working on a pair of little booties for new borns. This will go towards to charity project I'm working at. So be warned my dear blog friends who knit, I'm going to drive you nuts asking for help when I'm stuck! LOl....remember we are community that love to help each other with our crafts???
For those of you interested to know , I'm working on the free pattern on the Bernat site for knitted booties with Bernat Organic Cotton yarn. Ofcourse, I cannot even dream to get that yarn here , I'm working with with some local unlabelled yarn which looks very pretty and has a lovely glow to it.

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